Why Warsaw?

Warsaw Your Place

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Warsaw is ready

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The Central and Eastern Europe hottest spot and beating heart of Poland

Warsaw is undeniably the economic leader of the region with promising growth potential. Location in the central part of Poland and Europe provides Warsaw with an excellent connection with key Polish and European cities and metropolises. Moreover, two airports serve the entire flight network worldwide making the most important global destinations easily accessible.


Reliable, trustworthy and stable business partner

Warsaw is not just the largest economic, academic and cultural center of the country but also capital city of the 5th biggest EU economy. It leads the Polish development and it’s responsible for almost 1/5 of GDP. According to the Oxford Economics Warsaw will have the fastest developing local economy among major European cities over the next 5 years.


Business hub with innovation friendly atmosphere

The capital of Poland has been repeatedly awarded as a leading European city supporting business development. Its recognized brand, investment profile and offered support translated into attracting numerous international companies. Moreover, Warsaw is the Promised Land to revolutionary startups, disruptive minds and cutting edge technologies.


Place that has everything you and your business need to blossom

Warsaw has a lot to offer. Millions of square meters of modern office and co-working spaces are available both for those who want to locate in a central location and for those looking for a more remote space. Rich and mature business support ecosystem works like a magnet for ambitious companies and talents with heads full of ideas. Here, you will find leading R&D institutes, eminent universities and thousands of highly-educated graduates each year, perfectly prepared for specialist positions in the whole variety of sectors.


City, where you can feel at home

Green, safe, vibrant and dynamic - all these aspects make Warsaw a place where you want to do business, work, study and simply live. The great quality of, in majority brand new, public infrastructure allows all residents to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Varsovians are enterprising, open, empathetic and unusually hospitable people. Adding to that a great balance between modernity and tradition, wild nature and cosmopolitan spirit, calm and energy we get a perfect place.


The melting pot that never sleeps

Warsaw is the largest multicultural community in the whole country. With thousands of citizens from all around the globe it creates unique and inclusive environment for all. You’ll easily communicate with the native citizens in English as well. Warsaw will astonish and surprise you with diversity and possibilities. Everyone will find something special in its wide range of cultural, entertainment, leisure and well-being offer.

Did you know that...?

  • Warsaw is five times larger than Paris. The surface of Warsaw amounts to 517 sq m while Paris occupies an area of 105 sq m.
  • Varso Tower is the tallest office building in the European Union. Located in the downtown skyscraper is 310 metres high – it also holds BREEAM and WELL certificates at the highest level.
  • The Warsaw heating system is one of the largest systems in Europe with the longest history. It is distinguished by the pipeline length - over 1700 kilometres of pipes - it is roughly the distance from Warsaw to Paris.
  • None of the European metropolis has such a wild river bank. The Vistula river which runs through Warsaw is a part of the Nature 2000 (a European network of protected nature areas). This nature refuge covers an area of approx. 30 000 hectares and is an area of special bird protection.
  • Warsaw is the only capital city in the European Union where a nature reserve is so close to the city center. Just 6 km from the very center of Warsaw, in Mokotów, there is the Czerniakowskie Lake reserve - a refuge for many species of animals, including birds, reptiles and fish.
  • Warsaw can be proud of opening the European’s first and one of the world’s first official library. It was in 1747 and it was the work of the Załuski brothers - the Bishop of Kiev and the Bishop of Kraków. Moreover, Warsaw has the largest number of public libraries per 100 000 inhabitants among the world's metropolises (before Seoul and Paris).
  • Many talented people recognizable on a global scale are related to Warsaw. Just to name some of them: Fryderyk Chopin, Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Władysław Szpilman, Tamara Łempicka, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Iga Świątek, Robert Lewandowski.
  • In Warsaw you can find the highest clock tower in Europe and the 3rd one in the world. On the 40th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science there is the "Millennium Clock" which has 6 meters in diameter.
  • In Warsaw there is one of the few authentic in the world, over a century-old device that displays stereoscopic photographs of old Warsaw. It’s Warsaw Photoplasticon. Device consists of a wooden drum with visors attached to it. Inside the drum is a mechanism that moves the photos so that you can see something different every few seconds through the viewfinder.
  • The Keret House in Warsaw is considered the narrowest house in the world. It’s an art installation (designed by architect Jakub Szczęsny) which you can visit near the intersection of Chłodna and Żelazna Streets. It’s 152 cm at its widest point, and 92 cm at the narrowest point. Gallery Each city has a place that is its showcase and a must-see on any trip.
The Warsaw Unit _ photo by Ghelamco Poland
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City centre with entrance to metro station
The Warsaw University Library with garden on the roof
People canoeing on the Vistula river
Royal Baths Park
Old Town in Warsaw, people taking a picture in front of the Warsaw Mermaid statue
Outdoor cinema
The Polin Museum
The Warsaw Mermaid statue at the Vistula river
The Warsaw Unit skyscraper
Warsaw panorama