Frequently asked questions

The best way to move around Warsaw is through urban transport – it is a fast and inexpensive method. You can choose among buses, trams and the metro. Warsaw Fast City Rail (SKM) provides residents of the suburbs and the agglomeration’s largest towns with efficient connections to the city centre. 

  • tel. 19 115 (from mobile phones: 22 19 115)
  • Timetables in real time and information on urban transport in Warsaw can be found on the website and in the Jakdojade app

Tickets - Warsaw is divided into the urban zone (1) (within the city borders) and the suburban zone (2).

Prices of selected tickets in zone 1:

  • 75-minute ticket: regular – PLN 4.40, reduced-fare – PLN 2.20
  • 24-hour ticket for zone 1: regular – PLN 15.00, reduced-fare – PLN 7.50

Prices of selected tickets in zones 1 and 2:

  • 20-minute ticket – PLN 3.40, reduced-fare –  PLN 1.70
  • 90-minute ticket – PLN 7.00, reduced-fare – PLN 3.50
  • 24-hour ticket: regular – PLN 26.00, reduced-fare – PLN 13.00
  • Weekend ticket: regular – PLN 24.00, reduced-fare – PLN 12.00

Tickets should be validated immediately after embarking on a bus or tram. At the metro ticket punchers are located in the gates leading to platforms and next to lifts on platforms. You can travel on a ticket using an unlimited number of vehicles within the time limit provided on the ticket, counting from its validation time.

  • Tickets for urban transport can be purchased:
  • at ZTM points
  • in selected newsagent’s shops
  • at post offices
  • in ticket machines, where you can pay in cash or via card (also in most vehicles)
  • online – with a mobile phone

Online tickets can be purchased through mobile apps delivered by moBilet, mPay, SkyCash and This way you can obtain short-term tickets, single-ride tickets with a transfer, 24-hour tickets, 3-day tickets and weekend tickets.

  • You can travel with animals and carry luggage free of charge.
  • Using urban transport without a valid ticket is subject to a PLN 266 fine. The fine can be paid right away; a receipt should always be provided. The charge can be reduced by 30% if it is paid no later than within 7 days of the date of issuing the payment request.
  • Persons above 70 years of age (based on a document with their photo and the date of birth) and children up to the age of 7, by 30 September of the year in which they turned 7, are entitled to free-of-charge transport services.
  • Children and adolescents up to their 16th birthday and students up to their 26th birthday with a valid International Student Identity Card (ISIC) are entitled to a 50% fare reduction on transport services based on a document with their photo and the date of birth.
  • In Warsaw Public Transport vehicles, on stops and metro stations it is not allowed to smoke tobacco, use e-cigarettes, consume alcohol or any other beverages or food which could stain clothes of other passengers, the vehicle or the infrastructure.

Ticket inspections can be performed starting from the passenger’s embarking on a vehicle or the metro ticket area. Passengers must validate/activate their tickets immediately after embarking on a vehicle or entering the metro ticket zone, unless they have a document entitling them to use transport services free of charge. Failure to validate/activate your ticket means you will have to pay a fine. If the passenger is entitled to a fare reduction, the ticket inspector has the right to ask for an identity document and/or a document entitling the passenger to a fare reduction.

You can rent them at one of 400 self-service stations. The bikes can be used 24 hours a day. For more information go to

There are about 30 different taxi companies in Warsaw. It is best to call or send a text to summon a taxi, and it will arrive within 5 to 10 minutes.

A licensed Warsaw taxi:

  • is properly labelled, i.e. has a yellow and red stripe (the colours of Warsaw), with a side number of the taxi under which there should be the coat of arms of Warsaw
  • in the upper right corner of the vehicle's front windscreen there should be a sticker with a hologram containing the licence number and vehicle registration number
  • inside the vehicle there should be an identification tag with a hologram, a photograph of the driver and his/her name, and a taximeter indicating the current fare and charge
  • in the top left corner of the window of the right rear door there should be a two-sided sticker indicating the price per 1 km in tariff zone 1.

There are two taxi fare zones in warsaw, and their boundaries are marked by appropriate signs. Maximum fare tariffs apply within the boundaries of Warsaw.


  • PLN 8.00 – the initial charge covering taking a seat in the taxi and the charge for the initial part of the journey
  • PLN 3.00 – the charge for 1 km of the road within the first tariff (1) – valid on weekdays between 6.00 am and 10.00 pm.