Talent pool

Author: m.st. Warszawa

An extremely valuable advantage of Warsaw is its highly qualified workforce. Warsaw residents are well prepared for the challenges of the contemporary labour market, both in terms of education and the knowledge of foreign languages. The academic centers in the city attract young people from all over the world – nearly 30% of all foreign students studying in Poland choose Warsaw's institutions of higher education.

That is due to the fact, that Warsaw is the leading Polish academic center, which focuses the best and the largest Polish universities. Investors have a big access not only to the high educated graduates and talented specialists, but also to open academic and HR ecosystem which creates an innovative atmosphere. What is more, Warsaw offers a relatively easy access to qualified specialists with several years of professional experience.

Infographic describing the data on talent pool in Warsaw. The capital’s talent pool in academic year 2020/2021 was 212 700 students and 47 683 university graduates. 94% of them speak English. 93% of them claim that Warsaw is a good place to develop a career. In according to official data 30% of foreign students in Poland study in Warsaw. It is worth to mentioning that 15% of the Warsaw community are students. It is the second result in Europe. Warsaw is the leader in terms of the number of universities among the other European capitals. Here we have 17 public universities and 49 private universities. University of Warsaw belongs to the 3% of the best universities in the world according to the QS and ARWU rankings. Warsaw University of Technology is in the top three of best Polish universities ranking. Kozminski University is a leader among business schools in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Financial Times. Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology hold the first position in the ranking of private universities of technology in Poland. At Warsaw universities the range of fields of study is enormous. Candidates for studies have a wide choice of fields. Regarding data from academic year 2019/2020, the most popular profiles are: business and administration (46 346 students), engineering (15 059 students), linguistics (9 318 students), IT and IT related (9 885 students).