Social care

  • Child benefits
    Child benefits, benefits from the child-support fund and “Dobry Start” benefits.
  • Social welfare
    Social welfare is about supporting individuals and families in difficult life situations. It covers an extensive scope of services, from ad hoc financial and legal aid, to providing subsistence to those who are unable to sustain themselves. Warsaw's Social Welfare Centres (OPS) are assigned to individual districts.
  • Family foster care
    Family foster care is a temporary form of support for children and families in a crisis situation.
  • Process of repatriation
    The City of Warsaw actively participates in the process of repatriation of Poles from the area of the former Soviet Union, providing assistance in their permanent settlement in Poland.
  • Assistance for disabled persons
    The Assistance for Disabled Persons Division is running a number of activities for the support of persons with disabilities, in particular by cooperation with non-governmental organisations, cooperation with the Warsaw Family Support Centre, implementation of social projects.
  • Equal treatment
    In Warsaw, activities in the sphere of ensuring equal treatment are addressed to all residents. In particular, to minority groups, persons experiencing discrimination or at risk of discrimination.
  • Seniors in Warsaw
    The Senior Policy Implementation Team is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of projects and tasks in the field of the City’s senior policy.


  • If you are in a situation requiring specialist help
    Remember! Overcoming life difficulties is easier and faster if you use specialist counselling.
  • Domestic violence - do not wait. Report the violence!
    Domestic violence is not a conflict between two equal parties. It is a situation in which one person is hurt by another, using his position. The law prohibits the use of violence. You have the right to say stop! There is no dead-end situation. If you don't feel safe, check out our help page.
  • Sexual violence
    Sexual violence is leading to any sexual activity against the will of another person. If there has been physical contact or any other sexual behaviour without your consent, e.g. touching intimate parts of the body, viewing pornographic material, listening to content related to your sexuality, it means that there has been sexual violence.
  • Violence and addiction prevention programs
    The City of Warsaw is running a number of operations related to the development of systems for counteracting domestic violence, diagnosing the needs related to preventing and solving alcohol abuse problems, counteracting drug abuse and HIV/AIDS infections, as well as for promoting the social integration of addicted persons.
  • a policeman during the roll call Counteracting human trafficking
    Contemporary slavery is taking the forms of forced labour, exploitation in the sex industry, forced prostitution, slavery, vagrancy, crime, forced marriage, and organ trade. In order to combat and prevent the crime of human trafficking, which is particularly rampant, and subject to significant fluctuations, it is important to understand its complexity.