Quality of life

Royal Baths Park

Warsaw’s residents consider their city as an excellent place to live. Everyone can find here her/his place on Earth, because the Polish capital gives countless possibilities to create your life the way you wish. It’s a metropolis full of parks, green areas with beautiful natural landscapes, so that you don’t have to leave the city when you want to feel the nature.

Efficient public transport combined with bikes and scooters rentals ensure easy, ecological and fast connections to any place in the city.

Be sure that it is very hard to get bored in Warsaw, because cultural and sport offer is constantly overcrowded with indoor & outdoor events, shows, exhibitions, concerts, tournaments and so on.

Thousands of restaurants, bars, cafes are waiting to welcome you with delicious food and beverages. Plenty of them serve vegan meals.

Outdoor gyms and modern playgrounds ensure that the time spent outdoors will be full of movement and smile.

Have a walk and see for yourself that Warsaw is a safe and comfortable city, that cares about its residents and visitors.

Infographic describing quality of life, safe place for families and cultural offer in Warsaw
Infographic describing the data on green condition of public transport, offer for bikers and green areas in Warsaw