Highlighted events

  • Volunteering in Warsaw

    Anyone can be a volunteer, irrespective of their age or the amount of time they can devote to such work. Volunteering means developing one’s passions and interests, gaining experience, having impact on the surroundings, getting to know Warsaw and its residents, and satisfaction from providing support.

  • Local initiative

    Local initiative is one of the forms of cooperation between local authorities and residents. It is aimed at joint actions for local communities. If you have an idea which is important to your neighbourhood, and you want to implement it together with your neighbours or friends, you can apply to the City of Warsaw for support as part of local initiative.

  • Culture Cooperative

    The Culture Cooperative is an online notice board, where institutions, organisations, formal and informal groups, and any interested person can share their resources free-of-charge - space, equipment, skills or complete actions: exhibitions, shows, concerts. Anything you find in the Cooperative can be rented out for the purpose of organising local, cultural or community events. Remember that such events should be non-commercial and open to all Warsaw residents.

  • Participatory budget

    Thanks to our participatory budget, residents can decide on the allocation of a part of Warsaw’s budget. Warsaw residents are the ones who develop and submit projects, and then select the ones to be implemented by way of voting.

  • Warsaw Clubs for Families

    Warsaw Clubs for families are friendly places created jointly by parents bringing up children, based on their own resources and skills. They are most of all meeting places, empowering parents in the social sphere, bolstering their proactive approach, they are spaces for exchange of experience and entertainment, as well as for supporting families in addressing care and education issues. Clubs for Families, as meeting and integration places for families with children, are an example...