Declaration of accessibility of the information service of the City of Warsaw

The City of Warsaw obliges itself to ensure the accessibility of its website in compliance with the provisions of the Act of 04 April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. The declaration on accessibility applies to the information service of the City of Warsaw(link opens in a new tab)).

  • Website date publication:
  • Date of the last major update:

Status in respect of compliance with the Act

The website is partially in accordance with the Act on digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities due to the non-compliance or exclusions listed below.

Inaccessible content

The most serious identified limitations of accessibility:
Some publications submitted on the website as pdf files are not available digitally as a whole;
Some multimedia content lacks subtitles, transcripts and text descriptions for people with hearing loss;
There are sporadic errors in the descriptions and content of buttons and links.


Archived documents published before 23 September 2018.
External content.

Preparation of the declaration on accessibility

  • Date of the compilation of the declaration:
  • Date of the last review and update of the declaration:

The declaration was compiled on the basis of an external entity evaluation conducted by: Fundacja

Keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to use the standard keyboard shortcuts on the website.

Feedback and contact details

The person responsible for reviewing comments and applications takes:

  • Katarzyna Wernicka
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: 22 443 01 27

Everyone has the right to:

  • report their remarks concerning the digital accessibility of the website or its element,
  • submit a request to ensure the digital accessibility of the website or its element,
  • request for sharing the inaccessible information in an alternative form.

The request must include:

  • contact details of a person making the request,
  • an indication of the website or its element to which the request refers,
  • an indication of the convenient form in which the information can be made available if the request concerns sharing the inaccessible information in an alternative form.

Consideration of the application should start forthwith, at the latest within 7 days. If it is not possible to provide accessibility or accessibility in an alternative form within this period, it should be ensured no later than within two months from the date of the notification.

Architectural accessibility

Central office of the City of Warsaw, Bankowy Square 3/5;
Public transport stops in the vicinity of Metro Ratusz Arsenał facility 01, 02, 03, 04, 09, 10, Bankowy Square 01, 03, 04, 07, 08, Femina Cinema 01, 05, 06, 09, 10;
Parking spots for people with disabilities;
available entrance: Entrance C- West Wing (Main Entrance);
Residents are served in the main hall, on the right, there is a stairlift leading to the office;
Building adaptation:
toilet for people with disabilities: On the ground floor of the building in entrance C, B and F;
place to get additional information: security guard – building entrance control.

Information about the architectural accessibility of remaining buildings of the City of Warsaw and District Offices can be found on opens in a new tab)

Additional information


There is facilitation on the website for viewing the content by visually impaired people: change of the font size; change of the contrast.

Other information and statements

The website is gradually being improved in terms of accessibility.
In the case of problems with the accessibility of the website, please contact “Miejskie Centrum Kontaktu 19115 (City Contact Centre 19115)”.
Miejskie Centrum Kontaktu 19115 is open 24/7:
Tel: 19115,
Website: opens in a new tab)
Free application 19115
Chat: opens in a new tab)
There is a possibility to contact a sign language interpreter on the website 19115.

The information on the services of an online sign language interpreter or a sign language interpreter can be found on the website (link opens in a new tab)

Alternative access can be obtained by contacting “Miejskie Centrum Kontaktu 19115”.
It is possible to read inaccessible content (short texts – up to 1 A4 page).
You can also register a 19115 request for digital accessibility. A registered request is forwarded to the content owner.