Highlighted events

  • Starting a business

    When you are an adult, you can manage a sole proprietorship. Generally, entrepreneurs can operate freely. Sometimes, however, in order to conduct business, it is necessary to have certain professional licences, to own certain equipment or premises.

  • Developing your company

    Warsaw entrepreneurs are offered a support package including free advisory services such as legal, accounting and business assistance. Support is available not only to operating entities, but also to individuals who have an idea for a business and intend to set up their own activity in the near future.

  • Business spaces

    The City of Warsaw, as the owner of the real estate, is also one of the entities offering premises for running one's own business. Compared to private owners, the city has significantly fewer business premises (more than 8500 at the end of 2020), however, they are located in interesting places both in terms of business and tourist traffic.

  • For creators and innovators

    Warsaw's creators and innovators, such as representatives of start-ups, creative and innovative companies, scientists, artists and cultural creators, may take advantage of a range of activities in Warsaw that support the development of their novel business, scientific, artistic and social ideas