Young People Policy consultations are about to start

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Warsaw is launching the next stage of its urban development strategy #Warszawa2030, and starting Young People Policy consultations. The Policy describes guidelines for City officials, institutions, and units, on how to support the young generation. These consultations will take place between 18 August and 8 October 2021.

We want our young residents to be able to enjoy their lives even more, so we have developed the Young People Policy. This Policy is to provide guidance to us, adults, officials, and personnel of City's institutions, on how to collaborate with young people and address their needs. All young people, and all adults, who would like to share their opinions, are welcome to join. Every voice is important to us, says Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski.

The Young People Policy of the City of Warsaw is a document that drives the development of our city as part of #Warszawa2030. Following "Young Warsaw. The City with a young vibe 2016-2020", this is another document that addresses young people in Warsaw. The new Policy will build on some of our previous solutions, while also meeting the need for a systemic approach to changing young people's attitudes to, and the way they think about, Warsaw. The values and attitudes described in the Policy are the key to working with young people across all dimensions.

These consultations are to garner opinions, comments, and lessons in such matters as education, culture, sport, social and housing policy, the environment, health, and friendly transport. These efforts stem from our belief that it is young people who are the driving force of this City and who determine its growth, so it is important to listen to them. A by-product of these social consultations will be a report. It will serve as the basis for a final document that takes into account what Warsaw’s residents have to say. The document will identify the core objectives for the City's Policy for young people.

What to expect

The consultation programme includes

  • Open online meetings
  • Workshops with councillors for young people
  • Workshops with NGOs working with and for young people
  • online surveys open throughout the consultation period to collect feedback The online survey form, and the Policy, are available from (opens in a new tab)
  • 6 location-based games in such districts as  Praga, Mokotów, Żoliborz, Wola, Ochota and Ursynów;
  • 5 city-space meetings, during which we will be discussing and creating our vision of future Warsaw

In addition, throughout the consultation period, you can also send us your insights to

For a detailed consultation programme, please visit