You can apply for an ID card with fingerprints

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finger leaving an imprint on a special device

Starting November 8, you can apply for an ID card with a second biometric feature - fingerprints.

The new solutions are a result of the need to adapt Polish legislation to the EU Parliament and Council Regulation 2019/1157 of 20 June 2019. This includes the unification of national regulations in this area and appropriate protection of ID cards against forgery.

What will change?

The new documents will have an electronic layer, which, similar to passports, will include the holder's facial image and two fingerprints in digital formats. Additionally, the holder's signature will return to the graphic layer of the ID card.                                                                

Fingerprints will not be included in the electronic layer of the ID card of persons: who are under 12 years of age, from whom it is temporarily physically impossible to take fingerprints of any of the fingers, and from whom it is physically impossible to take fingerprints.

There will be changes to the expiration dates of ID cards, which will be one year for people who temporarily cannot be fingerprinted, 5 years for children under 12 years of age, and 10 years for people over 12 years of age.

Due to the obligation to provide a specimen signature and fingerprints, the application for an ID card will be submitted only in person at the office. The application can be sent electronically only when applying for a document for a child who is under 12 years of age – the document will not contain fingerprints and a specimen signature.

Benefits of the new document

The electronic layer makes it possible to communicate with the public administration online. Among other things, it allows you to sign documents electronically and use automated border gates at airports. You only need to activate the electronic layer of the e-card when receiving the document or at any other time in the office. Two PIN codes (a four- and a six-digit ones) are then set. The four-digit PIN allows you to log in to e-services. The six-digit PIN is used to sign documents.

Attention! All persons holding valid identity cards made according to the previous template will not have to replace them. You will be able to use these documents until they expire.