Winter in „Na Paluchu” shelter

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dog behind bars

Another round of textile collection for Warsaw’s shelter for homeless dogs and cats is on. The “Zima in na Paluchu” (Winter in Na Paluchu) initiative has been launched by the Municipal Cleaning Company in Warsaw.

The upcoming winter is the most challenging period for the shelter’s pets. Blankets, comforters, towels – these are the items that will be the most useful to the animals in the shelter. That is why the Municipal Cleaning Company and the shelter are organising together an action called “Winter in na Paluchu”.

The initiative includes collecting blankets, featherless comforters, bedsheets, towels, carpets, floor coverings, grey paper and pet toys for dogs and cats. These items can be thrown in specially taped containers set by MCC. Those containers will be located near the entrance to the company’s building in five locations: Obozowa 43, Tatarska 2/4, Sosnowskiego 4, Zabraniecka 4 and Kampinoska 1. This way, not only the employees but also residents of Warsaw will be able to contribute.

The effort will run until 30 November 2021. All of the collected items will be given to the “Na Paluchu” shelter.

Not only in fall

“Winter in Na Paluchu” is an another collection for the shelter’s pets. This year, the “Coś Dobrego” (“Something Good”) campaign was also organised. It allowed residents of Warsaw to give away unnecessary clothes in good condition. For every kilogram of clothes, the “Przyjaciele Palucha” foundation got 1 zloty. The campaign raised a total of almost PLN 19,000!

The collection campaign for the shelter is conducted for the whole year. Clothes may be left seven days a week in green containers in front of the shelter’s door. (ul. Paluch 2).

For more information, go to the shelter’s website.