Winter bird feeding

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Winter bird feeding
Winter bird feeding

Residents can help birds survive the winter cold. Varsovians join volunteers who take care of bird feeders. They regularly replenish the feeders with sunflower seeds, groats, wheat and water. Automatic duck feeders are operating in parks again.

Birds need our support in winter. Residents are happy to help feeding the birds, but they need to remember to give them the right feed. Breadstuff is very bad for animals, and that is why we continue our education campaign in which we inform what the bird diet should be like,” said Grażyna Sienkiewicz, Director of Environmental Protection Department.
Bird diet

The feed for birds should be pure, dry and given in a limited quantity so that it does not freeze over. Birds that frequent yards and parks enjoy best the shelled sunflower seeds. These birds are mostly tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, greenfinches, goldfinches, sparrows, buntings, tree sparrows, pigeons, jackdaws and rooks. Blackbirds and fieldfares will also nibble at apples left in trees and bushes. Pigeons, crows, rooks and jackdaws can be fed wheat or groats (excluding the roasted buckwheat). Corvids enjoy especially walnuts. On the other hand, swans and ducks prefer cereals, including wheat and ground maize, but they also enjoy raw or cooked, finely sliced vegetables. The feed should not be dropped into water but left near the edge of a body of water. It is vital that the feed does not contain salt, which is very harmful to animals. In the winter it is harder for them to quench their thirst and clean their feathers. Residents can help them by leaving them bowls with pure water.

The admirers of winged animals take care of the feeders and regularly remove rotten feed remains and excrements. For safety reasons they leave feeders in quiet places away from cats and other predators, near a bush or a low tree.

Warsaw automatic duck feeders
Automatic duck feeders have been brought back to parks when the weather got colder. The machines dispense feed for aquatic birds free of charge. Some are equipped with an electronic device that allows setting feeding at certain hours. The machines dispense a specific quantity of cereal mix feed, thanks to which the animals will not be overfed. Varsovians can find them in the Olszyna and Szczęśliwicki Park, near the Służewski brook, and Sarmacka Street in Wilanów District.