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From August 5, around the Royal Route, at the Old Town and in some parts of Powiśle the WI-FI wireless Internet available 24 hours per day can be used for free. This is the first free network in Warsaw launched directly by City Hall.

- The zone, in which the free Internet works is a part attractive to Warsaw citizens, tourists and students who are coming back to the schools. - City Hall spokesman, Tomasz Andryszczyk said - We would also like to give free Internet to the other side of Vistula. We are seriously thinking about installing the network as well at the National Stadium and its surroundings and at Francuska street.

How to connect?

  • To connect to the Internet on your device, look for the available networks, then select the connection Wi-Fi called UMWarszawa
  • In your Web browser type any URL address and the system automatically redirects you to the login website in the municipal WI-FI
  • After giving an e-mail address and accepting the Regulations you can log in to the system. The given data is only needed for the statistics purposes.

Warsaw hot spot allows you to surf on the Internet with maximum speed of 400 kbps download and 1 Mbps upload. The connection lasts for 30 minutes, and the next session can last after logging on again. Maximum number of network users is around 1,200.

Map of Wi-Fi transmitters (the quality of printing) is available at this website


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