What can we expect to see in the new Museum of Modern Art (MSN)?

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Author: Marta Ejsmont

The new seat of the Museum of Modern Art will open to the public in the autumn of 2024. To mark the occasion, MSN Warsaw will hold its largest exhibition in history, showcasing artworks from its collection amassed over nearly 20 years of the museum’s existence. The display will include works by Alina Szapocznikow, Magdalena Abakanowicz and Edward Dwurnik.

The entire MSN team is working at full throttle on the maiden exhibition featuring the museum’s own collection, prepared for the opening of the institution’s new seat. The move to the premises located on Defilad Square, the transport of works as well as their installation in the main galleries are scheduled to take place in the summer of 2024.

Collection of the Museum of Modern Art

The museum has been building its collection of Polish and foreign art since 2005. In the first years of operation, the themes focused on included feminism, postcolonialism, gender and queer theories, social and cultural exclusion as well as a critique of global capitalism and the effects of political transformation in the countries in the region.

The first exhibition in the new building will feature works by Alina Szapocznikow, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Maria Jarema, Andrzej Wróblewski, Edward Dwurnik, Mirosław Bałka alongside many other outstanding artists.

The collection includes a significant amount of works by outliers as well as immaterial works incorporating diverse artistic fields, such as performance art and experimental music, which will also be showcased in the MSN's spaces.

MSN's new headquarters at Defilad Square

Designed by New York studio Thomas Phifer and Partners, the Museum of Modern Art building in Warsaw is nearing its completion. Finishing works are underway on each of the six floors, all centred around a monumental central staircase. The museum occupies nearly 20,000 m2 of surface area, including 4,500 m2 of exhibition space, located on the first and second floors.

Both exhibition levels will also feature so-called rooms with a view, i.e. rooms with panoramic windows overlooking Marszałkowska Street and the southern part of Defilad Square, allowing visitors to see the centre of Warsaw from a completely new perspective. The building will also house a cinema offering an original film selection as well as a programme of sideline events.

The new Museum of Modern Art will bring together art and the life of the street and the square, which is why the space outside the museum has been designed as a forum – a venue for gatherings and cultural events, a link between the new Central Square and Świętokrzyski Park.

Video announcing the opening of the museum's new seat: