What attractions can you expect at the Vistula river?

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What attractions can you expect at the Vistula river? Fot. UM
What attractions can you expect at the Vistula river? Fot. UM

10 locations are waiting for volunteers to act in the Vistula space. A contest for leasing places at the river for cafe clubs and catering establishments is taking place. New tenants shall be obliged, among others, to comply with the standards introduced in the zones of acoustic impact.

The objective of the contest announced by the Board of Property of the City of Warsaw is the lease of the areas located at the Vistula river in the district of Śródmieście. 10 locations are waiting for potential lessees. Seven of them are meant for conducting activities by cafe clubs – here the lease will last three years. The other three locations will be rented for one season by small food counters (bicycle carts).

The contest locations are:
1. - Cypel Czerniakowski – surface of 200 m2 – for sports and recreational, and cultural activities (accepting gastronomic services).
2. - Płyta Desantu – surface 2000 m2 – intended for running cultural and artistic, sports and leisure, and gastronomic activities.
3, 4, 5 and 6 – Bulwar Flotylli Wiślanej – all four plots with total surface of 300 m2 – intended for running cultural and artistic, and gastronomic activities.
7. - Skwer Cubryny – the surface of 150 m2 – new place on the map of the Vistula attractions. Cultural and artistic, commercial and gastronomic activities are accepted here.
8, 9 and 10 – Bulwar Jana Karskiego – the surface of 10 m2 – these places will be leased for running gastronomic activities from bicycle carts.

Potential lessees are obliged to present acoustic impact forecasts already at the stage of submission of their bids. During the lease period controls and audit will be conducted. In the case of violations new admonishing and restrictive means will be used. In the contract there will be provisions which will allow, among others, cutting off a club-cafe's power supply.

In the contest also new entries concerning people with disabilities have been included. Moreover, in the program of conducted operations the lessee must ensure at least one event in the first year of operations, and in subsequent years at least two events adapted to the needs of people with hearing dysfunction. During these events the service of the sign language translator will be provided as well as inductive loops and audio description.