Welcome to the new boulevards before the holidays

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Welcome to the new boulevards before the holidays
Welcome to the new boulevards before the holidays

The works on the construction of the second section of the Vistula Boulevards are on schedule. The next stages of the works should end there between the end of April and the last day of June. This means that Warsaw residents should be able to enter this part of the river promenade before the holiday.

“It is so fortunate that in the Year of the Vistula River we will have another section of the boulevards. I am very happy that the construction is running smoothly and the contractor is complying with the contractual deadlines. I’m counting on the fact that in summer we will be able to share this stage with the Warsaw residents. Together with the hitherto-built fragment, it will make up almost two kilometres of the riverbank promenade,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, President of the Capital City of Warsaw.

According to the agreed schedule, the contractor, Skanska S.A., should finish work on the first construction phase – from Świętokrzyski Bridge to Karowa Street – by the end of April. The second section – from Karowa Street to the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge – is to be finished by 30 June 2017.

“The contractor has announced the completion of the construction works within the assumed deadlines. Thanks to this, after the commissioning procedure, which can take several weeks, and obtaining operational permits, we will be able to benefit from this part of the boulevard before the holiday,” announced Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

Next section of the boulevards
The opening of the second section of the first stage of the boulevards does not mean the end of the works on the left bank of the Vistula River. There is also a competition which will pick the designer of the Vistula boulevards section from the Świętokrzyski Bridge to the Czerniakowski headland.
“76 participants qualified for the competition for the boulevards project,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “Such a large number of applications can be a good predictor for the future. We expect designers to show innovation and functionality in their solutions,” he added.
The deadline for the submission of identification studies is until 15 May 2017. After the best works are selected, which will happen by 31 May 2017, their authors will be invited to the second stage of the competition and the submission of competition entries.

What is happening on the boulevards?
The second section of the first stage of left bank boulevards - from the Świętokrzyski Bridge to the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge - is approximately 1.2 km long. In the first construction phase, finishing works are already under way. Among others, the last missing pieces of stone floors are being added. The "University" square is at the completion stage, and in the "Live River Park" the last amendments are being made. Due to the high water level, the level of the beach, which is close to the Copernicus Science Centre at the level of Lipowa Street, is not visible. The whole length of this section - from the Świętokrzyski Bridge to Karowa Street – is being covered with asphalt for future bicycle paths.

The last works related to the finishing and installation of the fittings inside the pavilions are under way. They were constructed on special floats and attached to massive pylons. Thanks to this, they are protected from periodic flooding during very-high-water conditions.
A water playground is also almost ready. Fish figures have appeared on the boulevard and between them a fountain has been installed. Currently the last tests are being conducted, including installing a rich illumination.
The construction of an underground passage at the level of Bednarska Street is also nearing completion. The least-advanced works are taking place near the Śląsko-Dąbrowski Bridge. The pavilions have already been set up, but the boulevards are still being formed, and the river bed is being dredged so that ships can moor here.