We've got it! The world has chosen the path to Warsaw

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A couple of young people in an embrace on the Old Town Square.
Author: Filip Kwiatkowski

Having garnered 142 000 votes, Warsaw is the winner in the 'European Best Destination 2023' competition. Internet users from over 130 countries voted in favour of the capital of Poland. The organisers today announced the results of the three-week competition, which involved 21 European cities. Warsaw has left behind such destinations as Athens, Vienna, Prague, Copenhagen or Maribor.

We've got it! Our city is in the limelight, gaining worldwide attention. Warsaw is worth it! A city so modern, thriving and with a remarkable history. The capital of greenery, convenience and leisure. A city of contrasts where everyone finds a balance. A city where the Vistula, a truly wild river, meanders among the greenery just a few kilometres from the modern, bustling New City Centre and right next to the historic Old Town. Such things only happen in Warsaw! - announces Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of the Capital City. - The title "European Best Destiation 2023" is not only prestigious. Previous years' winners have seen an increase of several per cent in the number of tourists. Welcome to Warsaw!



In the competition, residents of 178 countries cast 686 000 votes. 48 per cent of these were from Europe, the remainder came from other continents.

Warsaw's gained exactly 142 081 votes. The Polish capital outdistanced second-placed Athens, which received 91 000 votes - 50 000 fewer than Warsaw. The top five is rounded off further by Maribor, Vienna and Cittadela in Italy.

On this occasion, the Polish capital broke the all-time record for the European Best Destination competition. So far, the 2017 winner, Porto, has gained the most votes, that is 138 000. Warsaw won 4 000 more of them this year.

Opportunity for foreign visitor arrivals

The title 'European Best Destination 2023' is not only an accolade, but also a tangible benefit. The experience of previous winning cities such as Wrocław, Porto and Ljubljana shows that every successful city gains in popularity. They are covered by the world's major travel-oriented media, and tourists from all over the world are starting to plan their arrivals there. Previous years' winners have seen an increase of several per cent in tourist traffic. And for Zagreb - which has won the Best Christmas Market category for three years in a row - the increase was as high as 41 per cent.

Additional distinctions for Warsaw

The title of 'European Best Destination 2023' was awarded as a result of an online vote. Warsaw was also recognised and honoured by the organiser in four additional categories:

  • Best Cultural Destination (Capital of Culture),
  • Best Destination for Food Lovers (Capital of Good Taste),
  • Safest Destinations in Europe (Capital of Safety),
  • Best Destinations for a city break. (Best Place for a Short Stay)

Detailed results of this year's competition are available at the competition website.

Acknowledgement and invitation to Warsaw from Rafal Trzaskowski, the Mayor, at the Mayor's official Facebook profile .