We know the best municipal applications

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We know the best municipal applications.Fot. R.Motyl
We know the best municipal applications.Fot. R.Motyl

#mojemiejsce is the best application in the BIHAPI contest, and Ekologiczna Warszawa received a special prize of the City of Warsaw. As many as 9 from among 145 submitted ideas for applications facilitating life in the city received awards during a solemn ceremony in Kraków.

The number as well as the level of submitted ideas is improving year after year. Under the third edition of the BIHAPI competition 145 ideas were submitted of which as much as 115 got to the second stage. Nearly half of them – namely 56 – are prototypes of ready-made applications.

The Grand Prix award went to the application #mojemiejsce. This is an interactive application facilitating the user to assess the location of a real estate consistent with his preferences related to various issues, among others: green areas, service posts, transport, education, sports and cultural facilities, etc. The application presents Warsaw data and conducts their analysis in terms of user preferences.

A Special Award of the City of Warsaw went to the idea called Ekologiczna Warszawa. This is an application enabling to show particular trees and shrubs and their clusters on the map. One may search for species by Latin and Polish names. Allergy sufferers can check whether sensitizing vegetation is present in the nearest surroundings. The award of the City of Warsaw is an advisory package under the Smolna Centre of Entrepreneurship and support in the promotion of the application.

The award for determination and continuous development of applications went to Warszawski Ninja. This is an application that helps the citizens of Warsaw to keep an eye on reports about problems on the routes. Users create new reports and confirm or reject those already existing. Through crowdsourcing, Warszawski Ninja becomes an always up to date collection of the latest information about public transport. Warszawski Ninja is also a laureate of the municipal competition conducted in 2015 "Dane po warszawsku".

BIHAPI is a contest for new, innovative applications for mobile devices using open public data. Open public data is the information which is collected by local government, e.g. a timetable for public transport or maps with information about educational institutions or accommodation and then making it available for common use by organizations and companies. Programmers, students and individual persons were invited to participate in the competition. The idea of the contest pays great attention to young, creative Polish programmers so that they can develop in Poland with the support of local government sector.

This is the third edition of the contest, organized by Orange Polska in cooperation with local governments: Of Warsaw, Gdańsk and Poznań. This year for the first time the city Kraków and Małopolskie Province have participated. The total pool of prizes exceeded 60 thousand PLN.