We have money for the Metro

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We have money for the Metro
We have money for the Metro

On 23rd September the City of Warsaw signed a grant agreement for the extension of Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro running from west to east. Warsaw will receive PLN 1.83 billion in EU funds.

A grant agreement for the “Construction of Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro together with associated infrastructure and purchase of rolling stock - Stage 2“ project under Action 6.1 Development of urban public transport, Environment Operational Programme 2014-2016, involving the amount of PLN 1.826 billion, was signed at the Centre for EU Transport Projects.
“I am very pleased that the EU will support the extension of Line 2 of the Warsaw Metro, said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the Mayor of Warsaw. Thanks to the Metro the residents of the city will gain a fast and convenient means of transport to the city centre and from there they will be able to use Line 1 to quickly reach farther parts of the city.”

The funds will be devoted to the development of Line 2 to include three more westward stations, three north-eastward stations and the infrastructure development of the Kabaty Technical and Holding Station, and the purchase of 13 brand-new trains to serve on both lines of the Warsaw Metro. The financial support will also be used to cover the costs of design works involving the next stations of Line 2.

The construction works involving the three new stations on the right bank have already started. An agreement was signed this year in March, and the Contractor, an Italian company Astaldi S.p.A., was selected following a contract award procedure, and the gross amount of the contract is PLN 1,066,741,483.79. The Metro route will be extended by approx. 3.12 km eastward (from the Dworzec Wileński Station).

An agreement for the construction of the western section of the Warsaw Metro will be signed any day now. Approx. 3.4 km of underground railways starting from the Rondo Daszyńskiego station will be built.  The gross amount of the contract is PLN 1,147,999 590.00.
There is more – the EU funds will also cover the costs of designing next stations, as Line 2 will be extended to include the last three northern stations and two stations of the western section, which are to be built by 2022. The Warsaw Metro has already selected, through a call for proposals, the architectural designs for those facilities: the Wola and Bemowo section was prepared by the consortium composed of “Metroprojekt” and AMC Andrzej M. Chołdzyński and the Targówek section was prepared by ILF Consulting Engineers Polska. The Targówek designs are already being made.

Public transport is of key importance to the Warsaw transport system. It is the most popular mode of transport. Subway system is the fastest and most efficient mode of transport in Warsaw. Its Line 1, which has been in full operation since October 2008, is used by approx. 500,000 passengers on a daily basis. The trains of Line 2 began operating on 8 March 2015 and now are used by approx. 100,000 passengers on a daily basis.