Warsolino is now operating on line 17

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Hyundai tram on a tram stop
Author: R. Motyl

The quiet and cost-efficient tram has served Warsaw’s residents since early December. The Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski participated in the first run of the new Hyundai tram.

I am glad that the residents of Warsaw can now use one of 123 modern trams purchased by Warsaw for more than PLN  2,000,000,000. And that they have chosen a new name for them – Warsolino. Tests have shown that our new trams are quiet and cost-efficient and now finally passengers can experience their comfort, says the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski. The first tram will serve line 17, but soon, along with next deliveries, they will appear on other lines, he adds.

There is already seven out of 123 purchased modern, tailor-made vehicles in Warsaw. Another one will be in operation this year. Tram drivers are ready to receive 6-8 trams a month since the first quarter of 2022. More vehicles will appear in Warsaw throughout 2022.

The average energy consumption  for Hyundai trams per passenger per one kilometre is about 29% lower than in one of the newest low-floor wagons purchased a few years ago. The sound intensity in the wagons in operation so far is 77 decibels, while the sound intensity in the new trams is about 74 decibels. For comparison, it is the level of sound made by a big, quite loud vacuum cleaner.

Warsaw ordered three types of railway vehicles of different length, in the unidirectional and bidirectional version. The longest of wagons will be almost 33 metres long, so 2.5 meters more than the current low-floor trams. These will be the longest trams to ever ride around Warsaw. Up to 240 people will be able to travel in every one of them.

Thanks to the new vehicles, residents of Warsaw will be able to travel by the low-floor, comfortable, air-conditioned wagons more often. They will be appreciated the most by the disabled, passengers with babies in strollers, and seniors.

After the purchase for all 123 trams by the end of April 2023, the Capital City will have the biggest fleet of low-floor trams in Poland. Their number will exceed 430, which will constitute 70% of the whole tram stock. The name was chosen by the residents of Warsaw. There were approx. 5500 votes, most of them (29%) for Warsolino.