Warsaw Your Place to: invest, study, live – a new report and commercial video of the Capital City

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Warsaw panorama at sunset

Warsaw is a perfect city for business projects – more than 6 million square meters of office space, and another 360 000 in progress, 220 000 students, and high quality of life, a lot of greenery and a rich cultural and entertainment service range. All of that is mentioned in the report.

Warsaw is an open and friendly city. The office space market in capital city is becoming more and more appealing for investors, residents of Warsaw are good employees, and Warsaw is the leader among the most popular cities, says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw. A wide range of highest-quality office space, storage and commercial real estates, and above all –high quality of life – those are our advantages, he highlights.

Warsaw – a smart city and the regional leader

The capital city keep its position as a city attractive for global businesses, and new Warsaw offices stand out for their modernity on an European scale. “Warsaw is dynamic business centre and unchallenged regional leader in terms of economic development and the maturity of the office space market” that is how the experts describe it in “Warsaw Your Place to Invest 2021” report.

This English-language publication is dedicated mostly to the real estate market: office, commercial and residential buildings. It also mentions the investment advantages of Warsaw. The capital city offers 6 100 100 square meters of modern office space. Another 360 000 meters are being built.

In this publication, there is also information about the rich cultural and entertainment service range, modern and environmentally friendly public transport and 686 km long cycling paths network. The greenness and high quality of life also contribute to   the uniqueness of the city. Almost 40% of the capital city are green areas, including the natural areas along the Vistula river, unique at the European scale.

According to the report, employers can count on access to numerous qualified employees. Warsaw’s pool of talents includes nearly  220,000 students a year. This sets us apart from other cities in the country and the whole Central-Eastern Europe.

The publication was created thanks to the collaboration of the City of Warsaw with the following agencies: BNP Paribas Real Estate, Colliers, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, Knight Frank, Randstad and Savills.

The report is available in online version.

Warsaw commercials

A visual supplement to the report is the commercial in two time versions (30 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds) and two language versions – Polish and English. The key to the creation of those commercials was to show how much Warsaw has to offer to everyone – those who come here to visit and those who think about staying here for longer, studying or investing. The city where you can find not only great business partners, talented and qualified employees, loyal clients, but also friends. The commercial is available under the following links:


Warsaw counts on business

For the City of Warsaw, economic development and business support are the most important fields, which are being managed by the Economic Development Department. The tasks of the department are, i.a., the performance of the economic goals of Strategy#Warsaw2030 – attracting talents, developing innovations, improving the conditions of running a business in the capital city and investors support.

By supporting the economic development, including entrepreneurship, the city ensures the operation of its business centres –  the Smolna Entrepreneurship Centre and the Targowa Creativity Centre. They offer a variety of services and content-related offering for the SME sector and innovative start-ups.

Moreover, Warsaw is present ate international investment fairs two times a year – MIPIM in Cannes and Expo REAL in Munich – presenting its investment potential. To effectively compete with other cities in Europe and the world and retain leadership position, Warsaw has chosen the areas of economic excellence which offer the best perspectives for the city up to 2040. These are:

  • the creative sector, including modern craft, but also the video games industry;
  • the agri-food sector with the use of biotechnology and bioeconomic objectives;
  • the modern business services sector with central point – specialised services and their creative character;
  • the green municipal management, including the rules of circular economy and the sharing economy, constituting the answer to, among others,  climate challenges;
  • start-ups support centre for Eastern Europe, pointing the specific function of Warsaw as the “door” to the European Union.