Warsaw will host pilgrims from around the world

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Warsaw will host pilgrims from around the world
Warsaw will host pilgrims from around the world

Main events of the World Youth Day will take place in Kraków, however, one week before they will be preceded by the so-called Days in Dioceses. The complex support for the events organized in the capital city will be provided via voluntary service to which recruitment has just started.

In July 2016 Poland shall be the host of the World Youth Days. Main events, including the meeting of teenagers from around the world with the pope Francis, will take place in Kraków. Before that, however, the Days in Dioceses will take place nationwide. This is the time which guests and tourists will spend in different cities and towns of Poland.

The Days in Dioceses in Warsaw are a part of nationwide preparations for World Youth Days 2016. We have been preparing for this important event for over a year. We support the organization of events and stay of the young people in the capital city with regard to safety, transport or the cultural offer due to which many pilgrims from around the world will be familiarized with history and contemporary reality of Warsaw. – says Hanna Gronkiewicz – Waltz, the Mayor of the City of Warsaw. – Traditionally, on the occasion of such large, socially important events we organize city voluntary service to support the organization of the stay of guests and tourists and all organized events.

The city voluntary service during The Days in Dioceses in Warsaw
The city voluntary service is a joint venture of the City of Warsaw, Centre for Thought of John Paul II, Warsaw Archdiocese and Warsaw-Praga Diocese.
Approximately 1000 volunteers will participate in the project. The primary purpose of the activities is to provide efficient and professional handling of the participants, guests and tourists. Volunteers will be present at the airport, train stations, city streets, they will actively support the organization of dedicated cultural events, projects, voluntary service centres and visiting Warsaw churches and shrines.

Warsaw Zone of the World Youth Days
Centre for Thought of John Paul II, an institution of culture in the City of Warsaw during the World Youth Days will be responsible for the preparation of an open air cultural offer for pilgrims from around the world. Warsaw Zone of the World Youth Days, will be created together with municipal partner institutions and non-governmental organizations, split into several cultural areas in which one will be able to see movies, rest and take part in sports activities:

•    The Stage of WYD Zone – where during the day meetings with interesting people of culture and social activists as well as discussions will be organized and in the evenings there will be concerts and other events of cultural nature
•    An open air cinema – where the movies of Polish creators that concern common themes from the recent history of Poland will be presented.
•    Trips on foot, by bicycle and bus to see historically important places in Warsaw, related not only to the rich history of the city, but also to the pontificate of the Holy Father John Paul II
•    A series of workshops strictly referring to the issues of 31st World Youth Day
•    "Chillout" zone – a zone specially prepared for pilgrims to rest and relax.

Municipal events in the culture zone will be supported by ca. 200 volunteers. The tasks for volunteers include, among others, informational, promotional, conceptual and translation activities