Warsaw through the blogger’s eyes

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Syrena, fot. Z.Panów
Syrena, fot. Z.Panów

No more stereotyping! Visitors are surprised by the energy, creativity and openness they encounter in Warsaw. For the purposes of the latest promotional campaign, the City of Warsaw asked a popular blogger to say what she thought about Warsaw. As it turned out, she loved it.

The idea was simple: let the people talk about Warsaw based on their experience - candidly and expressively. And thus a testimonial was created, a video showing not actors but Warsaw residents or visitors who talk about the city.
First, we meet Viktoria - an Austrian blogger and traveller who was visiting Poland for the very first time. She was asked about stereotypes concerning the capital before she came here. Not surprisingly, many foreigners still think that Warsaw is a dull and gloomy city reminiscent of the PRL times. Viktoria found, however, that the reality is quite different and that surprised her.

The blogger had no idea how intense both the day and night life of Warsaw is. The Old Town, the breathtaking Hala Koszyki, alternative music concerts, flea markets - the young Austrian admitted that two days were not enough to explore all Warsaw attractions.

“During the past ten years Warsaw has changed so much it's almost unrecognisable,” emphasised Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw “The implementation of huge investments and smaller projects proposed by the denizens have turned Warsaw into an open, friendly and safe city which is great to live in”.
The blogger believes that Warsaw still hasn’t really been discovered by tourists. “On the one hand, it deserves the growing popularity it has enjoyed; on the other hand, however, the city radiates an authentic and unique atmosphere, which should be preserved,”  said Viktoria, and announced her intention to make another visit to Poland.

Testimonials constitute another project carried out by the Warsaw Tourist Office which is meant to give voice to Varsovians and tourists. Previously under the project Open Warsaw, residents were given an opportunity to create routes leading to their favourite spots of the city. The best ones served as a basis for e-guides and TV spots with professional actors, featuring their creators.
The testimonial can be viewed here: