Warsaw subsidies for environmental protection

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Warsaw subsidies for environmental protection
Warsaw subsidies for environmental protection

A new subsidy programme for the removal of high-emission stoves, developing renewables, connecting buildings to the sewerage network, and the removal and disposal of asbestos has been launched. The installation of rain and snowmelt water retention systems will also be subsidised under the programme which is a new development.

Residents can now apply more easily for the environmental protection subsidy – thanks to the new rules, the number of required attachments to applications has been reduced and documents can be submitted to any district office.

Get rid of your high-emission stove
Varsovians can get subsidies for the replacement of so-called high-emission stoves by new gas stoves or connect their properties to the district heating network, or install heat pumps or electric heating.
Warsaw will subsidise newly installed heating devices, as well as compatible renewable energy sources, i.e. solar collectors, photovoltaic systems or wind turbines. This cost-effective solution facilitates harnessing of environmentally friendly natural resources – sunshine and wind.
Residents who opt to replace their high-emission stoves can also receive additional funding for the installation or modernisation of their central heating and hot water systems – in amounts up to PLN 50,000 in the case of multi-family buildings.

Waste no time in removing your stove
The largest subsidy amounts are scheduled for 2019 and 2020. The date of receipt of the application counts here – persons applying for a subsidy in December 2020 can count on a 100% refund of the costs invested in their project. Later, in 2021, the amount will be reduced to 90% of the investment’s costs, and in 2022 to 70%. This should be enough of an incentive to promptly make up one’s mind about replacing a high-emission stove.
Applications for the removal of a high-emission stove, i.e. a solid fuel stove run on coal, wood or heating oil, will be accepted throughout the period – from 23 October 2019 to 31 December 2022.

Subsidies for renewables
The City continues to subsidise local renewables – heat pumps, solar collectors and photovoltaic panels. An innovation in the offered municipal subsidies is the financial support for wind turbines.

Warsaw retains water
Since October 2019, residents have been able to obtain funding for the installation of systems for rain and snowmelt water retention and use at their sources of origin. These small-scale water retention systems will help to reduce ground overdrying in the city.
Invest in environmental protection
As in previous years, Varsovians can get funding for the disposal of asbestos. Additionally, the subsidies for the removal of underground waste containers and connecting buildings to the sewerage system increased from PLN 3,000 to PLN 4,000.