Warsaw’s campaign against high-emission furnaces has been launched

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drone monitoring the level of smog

Until the end of next year Warsaw residents have an opportunity to get rid of obsolete furnaces with financial support from the City of Warsaw. This year the city's subsidy may reach up to 90 percent. A city campaign has just been launched to encourage Varsovians to replace their high-emission furnaces with more environmentally friendly heat sources.

"It's time to beat the smog!" - is the slogan of this year's campaign of the City of Warsaw encouraging to get rid of high-emission furnaces, i.e. outdated solid fuel or heating oil furnaces or boilers that pollute the air in the capital. The Warsaw subsidy programme is available for individuals, housing communities and cooperatives, businesspeople, associations, foundations, as well as municipal and district (powiat) legal entities.

The programme enables the replacement of old furnaces with environmentally friendly heating sources: installation of a heat pump, gas furnace or electric heating, as well as connecting the property to the district heating network. Additionally, residents who decide to liquidate their old furnace can obtain funds for renewable energy sources: solar collectors, photovoltaic installations or wind turbines connected to the new ecological heating source. Co-financing also covers the building or upgrading central heating and hot water supply systems.

The sooner, the better

Only this year, the amount of subsidy for the replacement of outdated furnaces can be up to 90 percent. Next year, the amount of subsidy will drop to 70 percent. This will also be the last year in which it will be possible to get support from the city for the liquidation of high-emission furnaces. From 2023 onwards the use this form of heating will be forbidden, and those wishing to replace their heating sources with more ecological solutions will need to pay for them in whole from your own pockets. The estimated amount of municipal subsidies this year can be calculated using a special calculator (opens in new tab).

Paper applications for subsidies can be submitted at any district office or sent by post. For more details on the programme please visit: or call the helpline: (22) 325 96 06.

Additional activities

The municipal subsidy programme for the elimination of high-emission furnaces in its current form has operated since 2019. From year to year, the number of submitted applications is increasing. Last year, the total amount of municipal subsidies for this purpose was over PLN 15 million. In 2018-2020, 1,200 outdated furnaces and boilers in municipal premises were successfully removed.