Warsaw’s budget for 2022

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Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski on the press conference with other politicians

Work on the Warsaw budget works for next year is under way. The Mayor of Warsaw, Members of Parliament and local government officials warn that the “Polish Order” (Polski Ład) will drain local governments’ money. Inflation and high prices will make the cost of city functioning grow at alarming rate.

The Warsaw Council budget session is held this week, and the Lower House of Parliament is also working on the State budget. It is an important time for the financial future of the Capital City. The future, which in the times of anti-local-government policy, growing inflation, the risk of losing  EU payments and the pandemic, is becoming harder, says the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski. Because of that, every day – in the Parliament, the local government, in relations with European partners, in conversations with residents –- we are working out the ways of acquiring funds necessary for the development of our city. We appeal to the Government – do not treat residents of Warsaw as enemies just because you don’t agree with the Mayor politically. Public funds should benefit all citizens, he highlights.

High prices, especially of electric energy and gas, substantially affect the budget of Warsaw. For the Warsaw Group Purchasing Organization, the growth of electricity prices means 60% higher expenses next year, and for the Warsaw Metro – by 86%.

The data receipted from the Warsaw City Council and independent finance institutions are frightening. The basic needs of the residents are compromised, and cities like Warsaw won’t be able to guarantee their residents what they used to. We founded the Parliamentary Team for Warsaw and we won’t let them treat you as second-class residents just because someone does not like people in charge of one city or another, said the Member of Parliament, Aleksandra Gajewska, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Team for Warsaw.

Dorota Lutomirska, the Chairperson of the Warsaw Council Budget and Finance Commission said that the Warsaw budget draft is for the first time ever lower than last year, both income-wise and expense-wise.

I took the Chairperson position at a time financially challenging for Warsaw. The Polish Order deprived our residents of PLN 1 billion, and this is for the following year alone. Work on the budget resolution is mostly the protection of the interests of the most disadvantaged residents of the Capital City, maintaining education at a similar level and keeping the level of investments high enough to drive Warsaw’s economy. Many projects in districts – small streets, community centres, kindergartens – are in fact a struggle against inflation. We closed the budget, but what will happen next depends on the Government and the campaign against local governments, added the Chairperson.