Warsaw rises in rank in investment prospects

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City of Warsaw
City of Warsaw. author: Mindstorm

In this year's report on “The emerging trends in Real Estate Europe 2011”, Warsaw climbed to the 10th place in investment prospects, 3 positions higher than previously recorded. Warsaw is fronted by Munich, Istanbul and London – just to name a few. Prague and Budapest, two of the Capital cities of Europe, are 17th and 25th, respectively.

Similarly, in terms of investment in new property, Warsaw rose in rank. A slight ascension from a year ago but ahead of Prague and Budapest 13th and 24th , apiece.

Furthermore, Warsaw has managed to maintain its 4th place regarding the prospects of the Real Estate Development. Accordingly, the city of Warsaw is only fronted by Istanbul, London and Munich. The relatively high ranking of Warsaw can be primarily attributed to the surge of the Polish economy and the adjustment of the size of the real estate resources in relation to the market needs.

A recent report by the Urban Land of Institute and Pricewaterhousecoopers on "The emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2011" reveals that  investors are still focusing on mature and liquid markets such as Britain, France and Germany. At any rate, in terms of investment prospects, Poland has been the only country in Central and Eastern Europe to reflect potentialities as a market mature.