Warsaw residents wish to use Veturilo

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Warsaw residents wish to use Veturilo
Warsaw residents wish to use Veturilo

The Mayor of Warsaw is appealing to the Government to waive the ban on using city bike rental systems. Unlike other European countries, Poland introduced restrictions in the use of public bicycles.

Mitigating restrictions in moving around during the epidemic has resulted in the growing number of people using public transport. In this context, the ban on using city bikes is unfounded. The ban has been in force since 1 April, and on 20 April it has been extended until further notice, whereas numerous Warsaw residents prefer Veturilo to public transport.

The world is encouraging cycling
Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, is planning to send a formal letter to the Polish Government with a request to waive the ban on using public bicycles.
In line with the provisions of Governmental Regulations, the public bike rental systems were assigned leisure functions only, while the Warsaw Veturilo system is a vital part of the city's transport network. In the last weeks of March, several thousand rentals were recorded each day. Most of the rentals lasted less than 20 minutes, so it is highly probable that they were not leisure bike rides.

Poland is probably the only European country which banned the use of city bikes across its entire territory. Cities combating the COVID-19 outbreak encourage cycling, including the use of public bicycles, while commuting to works or going shopping. The key advantage of bicycles is the possibility to adhere to the restrictions during the Coronavirus epidemic. A person travelling alone by bike is able to ride in such a way so as to keep a safe distance from other people.

Before the ban on using Veturilo was introduced, the City of Warsaw, together with Nextbike Polska, the system operator, had been regularly disinfecting handlebars, seats, code links, and touch screen panels at station terminals.

It is difficult to understand why the ban is not applicable to shared scooters, mopeds or cars, if the Veturilo system and similar systems in other cities are shut down. Private bike rental services operating without any agreements with cities, do not violate the Regulation. The ban has been only placed on the city service, which is ordered, inexpensive and very popular in Warsaw