Warsaw proud of volunteers

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Several people on the beach on the Vistula, in the background - Poniatowski bridge. In case of three people, information that they are volunteers

"I'm proud of you, Volunteers! ~Warszawa”. On Monday, a municipal social campaign was launched to promote volunteering.

Volunteering became one of the symbols of 2022. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, citizens of Warsaw have supported our neighbours in many ways, proving that being helpful and taking responsibility for their surroundings is part of our urban identity. Over 12 thousand people applied to volunteer service, organized by the city!

At that time, Warsaw residents opened not only their doors, but also their hearts to the refugees. Everyone gave what they could – food, clothes, a kind gesture. Volunteers gave the best they could – themselves – says the president of the capital, Rafał Trzaskowski.

For many weeks volunteers provided invaluable support in many places throughout the city. Thanks to joint actions, we have shown that Warsaw can always stand up to any task – says Aldona Machnowska-Góra, Vice President of Warsaw.

The city thanks the volunteers

Another campaign promoting the idea of volunteering has just begun in the capital. It has one goal – to thank all those who have been involved in activities in Warsaw in recent years. Not only the levy en masse of volunteers after the arrival of the first wave of war refugees from Ukraine.

The people volunteering to help in Warsaw work in various professions and are of various ages; hold different beliefs and views. During joint activities, I meet young people, working age people as well as seniors. I encourage everyone to try their hand at volunteering! – adds Karolina Zdrodowska, Director of Entrepreneurship and Social Dialogue at the Warsaw City Hall. Volunteers! We are proud of you and admire your passion and commitment!

Warsaw has for years boasted both a constantly growing number of institutions and organizations in which volunteering can be carried out, as well as the involvement of residents in various actions. Since 2016, the capital has been running the project "Warsaw Volunteers", the aim of which is the development and promotion of volunteering, as part of which the Municipal Volunteer Portal: operates. There are almost 100 current proposals for people interested in volunteering, divided into various areas – e.g. education, ecology, culture, social assistance, sports, health, animals or Ukraine. Since the beginning of the portal, almost 800 volunteer organizers have announced their proposals for cooperation for volunteers. This year alone, more than 300,000 users - people interested in volunteering - have visited the website.

Street campaign

The elements of the campaign will be visible both in the urban space as well as on Facebook profiles and Instagram of the "Warsaw Volunteers" project. The graphics depict various places in the city, including residents, among whom volunteers and their contribution to social activity were identified . This year's campaign slogan – "Volunteers, I am proud of you! ~Warsaw" - is a salute to everyone who has decided to volunteer.

As part of the campaign, the City Hall also encourages you to visit the City Volunteer Portal -