Warsaw – a perfect place for IT business

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black and white photo of the Palace of Culture and Science and the Warsaw mermaid

According to the “State of Warsaw IT” report, the capital city is a dynamically developing market for experts and specialists. Opinions of entrepreneurs validate that – 93% of IT companies are very satisfied with choosing Warsaw as the place for running a business.

The IT sector is one of the fastest developing economic areas of Warsaw. More and more companies locate their businesses in the capital city, create new places for work and engage into creating a business environment in Warsaw. Among the examples are further projects by the Google company, such as the recent opening of the Google Cloud Technology Development Centre. This is one of the biggest initiatives that contributed to creating a knowledge-based economy which drives the economic development of our metropolis. Because of this, Warsaw is seen as the technology hub attracting investments, capital and talents from the whole world, says the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski.

According to the specialists from Digital Poland Foundation, which prepared the report together with the Enky Consulting Company at the request of Warsaw, the capital city is the leading city in Poland in terms of the IT business development – followed by Wroclaw, the Tri-City and Kraków. It is estimated that there are about 65,000 IT companies operating in Poland and approximately one third is registered in Warsaw. Entrepreneurs consider Warsaw to be an attractive city to run an IT company. Such opinion was declared by more than two out of three companies. Over half of them agreed that it is the most attractive city in Poland and a little less – that it is the most attractive city in the Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, one out of four companies declared that it is the most attractive place in the whole Europe.

For the IT companies representatives, the biggest advantage of running a business in the capital city is good communication (40% of respondents). Almost the same proportion of the analysed companies declares that Warsaw is the place with a dynamic ecosystem of innovations and business relations, which make running a business easier. One out of three companies values the continuously replenished market of educated and qualified employees in Warsaw.

We have chosen Warsaw because of the high and growing number of technology professionals in different areas, also those the most interesting for the cybersecurity sector – from engineering, through risk and project management to the training and raising awareness and programming in functional programming languages (e.g. Haskell), says the CEO of Standard Chartered Global Business Services Anna Urbańska.

In Warsaw alone, about 70,000 IT specialists develop their carriers and about   5000 new IT graduates enter the market every year, which is 20% of all IT graduates from the whole country.

Up to 85% of the surveyed IT companies think that Warsaw has a big potential in the IT sector development, of which more than two out of five think that the potential is huge. According to 73% of respondents, the participation of foreign orders will grow in the coming years, 35% point to the growing significance of R&D activities and only 23% expect a growing proportion of orders from Poland.

Warsaw is a very diverse ecosystem represented by different types of entities and groups of people, including different minorities, which is important for global corporations. In Warsaw people can experience openness to different opinions and cultures. Without this open-mindedness and dialogue it is impossible to create a market advantage or new technology which will impact the whole world, highlights the Director of Digital Poland Foundation Piotr Mieczkowski.

About the survey


The report contains the results of a survey of Warsaw’s IT companies conducted between July and November 2021. The survey was based on the CAWI questionnaire completed by 400 employees and 167 companies. The report was made in Polish and English and can downloaded here: