Warsaw is fighting smog

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Warsaw. Fot. F.Kwiatkowski
Warsaw. Fot. F.Kwiatkowski

Three times more money on combating smog – PLN 12,000 for all Varsovians willing to replace their stoves. New measurement stations and air sensors, more street greenery and an improved work organisation of the municipal services – these are Warsaw’s priorities in overcoming the smog problem.

Measures to improve air quality are a matter of everyone’s health, so we are determined to combat smog. We are putting forward a complete, coordinated plan for the city. The problem is multifaceted. The first and most important goal is to remove all high-emission stoves within three years,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw.

The expenditures on combatting smog are tripled
Next year, the city will allocate PLN 30 million on measures to counteract smog. In 2020 the amount will be twice as high – PLN 60 million, and in the next two years, the total spending will be PLN 210 million.

Currently, we are applying for EU support. We are going to use all means necessary at the international, national and regional level. We are starting with meeting the obligations within our capacity. This is for a start,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

PLN 12,000 for all residents to replace their stoves

This amount should be enough to cover all the costs of installing a new stove in a single-family house, including the design costs. The subsidy is available for all residents, regardless of their income. Varsovians who decide to use the subsidy will receive the city's support with formal matters throughout the process.
“We are working on a convenient and easily accessible system for the residents. The city is taking a proactive approach. Advisors will walk the residents through the funding process,” said Justyna Glusman, Director and Coordinator for sustainable development and green areas of the City of Warsaw.

The Warsaw Air Index
In Q1 2019 the city will announce a tender procedure for three new air monitoring stations. One of them will be on Grochowska Street (Praga-Południe), the second on Filtrowa Street (Ochota) and the third in Pruszków. The stations will start measuring air quality from the next winter season. The project is implemented jointly with the municipalities of the Greater Warsaw functional area. In Q2 2019 we are going to announce a tender procedure for the purchase of nearly 140 sensors (98 in Warsaw and 38 in Greater Warsaw) to monitor core risks.

Green streets of Warsaw
We are going to speed up the completion of plantings along 76 main streets as part of the “Green streets of Warsaw” programme. The City will provide new areas for planting the Warsaw forests.  This will be the first extension of the Warsaw forest area in over a dozen years. Municipal transport is also important. One of the projects in this area will be completed already next year – the Municipal Bus Company will procure 130 electric buses.

The Municipal Police – new tools
In the first days of January, the Municipal Police will start using two specialised drones that will assist officers in identifying air pollution spots.