Warsaw is a city of culture

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Author: Filip Kwiatkowski Warszawa

Museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas, libraries and community centres provide their extensive cultural services to residents and tourists. Everyone will find something for themselves.


The tourist and cultural assets of our city combine tradition and history with modernity. This is the city of the Museum of the Museum of Warsaw with its main facility in the Old Town, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List; the award-winning POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, with its modern exhibition presenting thousand years of Jewish history in Poland; and the modern multimedia Warsaw Rising Museum.

All these locations play a culture-forming, educational and tourist role, as well as being part of capital city’s showcase. The Old Town and the Museum of Warsaw located within its area, as well as the Royal Castle, the Royal Łazienki Museum, the  Warsaw Rising Museum, the Fryderyk Chopin Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Copernicus Science Centre and the National Museum are the facilities and places recognised and familiar to residents and tourists alike.

Warsaw also features less known but fascinating places worth visiting, such as the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum, the Museum of Caricature, the Museum of Life under Communism and the Neon Muzeum.

Warsaw is a city of street art – artistic murals can be encountered, among others, in Praga Północ and Muranów, for example


The capital city is a space for international cultural events. There is the world-famous Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition, attracting music enthusiasts from around the globe. 

Among the events enjoying great popularity is the Warsaw Film Festival, held since 1985, and since 2009 one of the prestigious events accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.

The ‘Jazz at the Old Town’  International Open Air Festival  also has numerous enthusiasts. The famous summer Chopin concerts in Łazienki have become a permanent point in the cultural programme of summer events in Warsaw. In the summer crowds  gather at the Multimedia Fountain Park to watch various thematic shows.

City support

A number of cultural institutions operate thanks to the support from the City of Warsaw. We also provide financial support for the organisation of cultural events in the areas of film, music, literature, dance, theatre, and interdisciplinary events. We give awards to creators, such as, among others, the Warsaw Literary Prize and  the Ryszard Kapuściński Prize. Each year individual creators can obtain art scholarships for valuable projects from various domains of culture. We provide co-funding for film productions, cooperate with NGOs, and initiate international cooperation in the field of culture.

Warsaw is a city of culture: diverse, rich and open.

Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street
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Warsaw, the Old Town
Warsaw, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The Warsaw Rising Museum