Warsaw in the Stop Smog programme

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Coal-burning furnaces smoke from the chimney

The capital joins the Stop Smog programme, which will enable the replacement of coal heat sources and thermomodernization of 200 single-family houses in the city. The agreement on this matter was signed today by representatives of the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

We are joining the STOP SMOG programme. This is yet another initiative that we, as a city, are pursuing for the sake of clean air in the capital. We will replace coal heat sources and the buildings will undergo thermomodernization. The programme will cover those families who need our financial support most. We will carry out the first modernizations in year 2023. The fewer so-called "coal-burning furnaces" in the capital, the better the air quality. We will all benefit from it, and above all our health will benefit – says Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

The main objective of the Stop Smog programme is to reduce air pollutant emissions, improve air quality and energy efficiency of buildings. It assumes the elimination of heat sources and thermomodernization in single-family residential buildings, especially in the least wealthy households. Therefore, to a certain extent, the programme also supports the fight against energy poverty.

Today, Warsaw has joined the group of entities participating in the programme. The agreement signed with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management will enable the thermomodernization of 200 single-family buildings in the city. As part of the investment, it is possible to finance the insulation of partitions, replacement of window and door joinery and installation of renewable energy sources. Moreover, in 160 out of 200 selected buildings coal heat sources will be replaced, i.e. boilers and furnaces of the 3rd and 4th energy class and classless.

The total value of the signed agreement amounts to PLN 10.6 million. 69 percent of this amount is co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the remaining 31 percent is the city's own contribution.

All investment projects are to be completed by the end of 2024.

Which households can count on this investment?

Only single-family buildings with a maximum of two separate residential units, without service premises, may participate in the programme. In addition to the ownership criterion, residents must also meet certain income criteria – the average monthly income per one member of the household may not exceed 175 percent of the lowest pension in a single-person household (PLN 2,342 net in 2022) and 125 percent of this amount in a multi-person household (PLN 1,673 net).

In the capital, thanks to the cooperation with the Warsaw Social Welfare Centres, 75 buildings have already been selected, which have been pre-qualified for the programme. A detailed energy audit will be carried out for each building, which will determine the exact scope and cost of modernization.

Not just Stop Smog

Warsaw wants to eliminate all "coal-burning furnaces" in the city. Therefore, obsolete heat sources in council flats have been successively replaced for several years, and residents can count on high subsidies from the city. This year, the amount of co-financing for the replacement of coal-burning furnaces in private premises will reach up to 70 percent of the subsidy. Eco-advisors employed by the city hall also encourage people to replace their furnaces.