Warsaw Human Rights Week

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Photo of a group of smiling employees. A woman standing in front of the employees extends her hand in greeting

On December 10, we celebrate International Human Rights Day, which in Warsaw concludes the Human Rights Week - a series of various events promoting the subject of equal treatment and non-discrimination.

International standards of respect for human rights and freedoms are set by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed by the UN on December 10, 1948. 

We invite all Warsaw residents to take part in the Warsaw Human Rights Week. By organizing and promoting this event, we want to strengthen human rights awareness. On the one hand, these are the rights of people experiencing violence, restriction of freedom, and torture in various parts of the world, and on the other – they are the rights of all of us, concerning our everyday life. These are the rights of women, children, learners, workers, LGBT+ people. We want to disseminate knowledge about them – says Karolina Zdrodowska, Director, Coordinator for Entrepreneurship and Social Dialogue for the City of Warsaw. 

Educational quiz 

One of the activities during the Warsaw Human Rights Week is the educational quiz "Did you know that...". It can be solved on the website from the 3rd to the 10th of December. The questions concern various areas of human rights, the situation of women, LGBT+ people, labour law. The questions were designed by experts, representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations: Amnesty International, the Granica Group, the Lambda Warsaw Association, Tolerado Association, the Inicjatywa Dom Otwarty (EN- Open House Initiative) Foundation, the Student Rights Foundation, the Polish Anti-Discrimination Law Association. 

Letter-writing marathon 

Warsaw is also joining the Letter Writing Marathon organized by Amnesty International. It is a campaign of solidarity with people whose human rights are being violated. This year's theme is "The Right to Peaceful Assembly". Throughout the week, in the Konopacki Palace and in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, you will be able to write letters in defence and an act of solidarity with specific people whose fundamental rights are being violated. On-site, there will be mailboxes and materials: stories of victims, sample letters, and addresses of institutions/organizations to which appeals can be issued. 

"Przy otwartym stole" ("At the open table") 

The Warsaw Human Rights Week will conclude with talks and workshops titled "At the open table". The event is scheduled to take place on December 10, from 12:00 to 18:00, in the Konopacki Palace at Strzelecka street 11/13. The event's plan includes meetings with human rights experts and artists whose work comments on political and social issues. 

A detailed programme and more information is available on the website or the Facebook event

We also encourage all to participate in other events organized by municipal organizations and cultural institutions that complement the program of the Warsaw Human Rights Week. 

Attachments: detailed programme and other events of the Warsaw Human Rights Week.pdf