Warsaw has another new nursery school

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Warsaw has another new nursery school
Warsaw has another new nursery school

Since June a new nursery school has been operating at ul. Boguszewska. This is the 334th city nursery school in Warsaw and the 28th built over the course of the last ten years.

“Since 2007 an increase in the number of places at nursery schools and nurseries has been a key matter to us. In addition to investments, we are also introducing other solutions to support families living in Warsaw. These include free activities in nursery schools, the introduction of free public transport for primary and middle school students and the Warsaw nursery voucher. All these will be available from 1 September of this year,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, during the opening of the nursery school in Odolany.

The new nursery school in Wola District at 4 Boguszewska St. has nine units with a total of 225 places. Children can use a well-equipped playground and a large gymnasium. The building has also been adapted to people with disabilities. The project cost over PLN 9.8 million. The construction of a nursery school in Odolany was one of the key investments in education in the Wola District.

More and more places in nursery schools
Since 2007 the city has built 28 nursery schools and about 200 existing nursery schools have been modernised or renovated. PLN 650 million was spent to implement this project. Warsaw allocates about PLN 700 million each year to maintain public and non-public nursery schools. Currently, 140 new investments and renovations are under way.

Free nursery schools
In late May 2017 the councillors adopted a resolution on the provision of free care in municipal nursery schools. Starting in September, about 46 thousand children will attend free nursery schools. From 2013 the payment was PLN 1 per one hour of a child’s stay in a nursery school which provided more than six hours of daily care. Thanks to free nursery school care, parents can save up to PLN 1,000 per year. Parents will only pay for meals. Warsaw is the first large city in Poland to completely abolish nursery school fees.