Warsaw for Ukraine

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Author: Radek Zawadzki

August 24 is Ukraine's Independence Day. On this day, as well as every day of the war that already lasts for half a year, Warsaw shows support and solidarity with our eastern neighbour. Ukraine is supported by institutions from Warsaw - today a meeting at the Castle Square and a concert of songs from Polesia at the Parade Square is taking place.

The Mayor of Warsaw invites everyone who wants to celebrate Ukrainian independence to the Castle Square, today at 18:00.

For six months now, our friends have to defend this independence against the Russian aggressor. Celebrating in Ukrainian cities will not be possible today, but we can show our support and solidarity here in Warsaw – said Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. Our friends will meet at the Castle Square at 18:00. Let's be there with them. Because today Ukraine is also fighting for our freedom. Because Kiev and Warsaw constitute a common cause – Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski emphasizes.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the capital has taken various measures to support refugees. This means not only integration in educational institutions or care in residential locations. Many special projects take place in Warsaw’s cultural centres and other urban cultural institutions.

Przystań in DSH (Haven in DSH)

Dom Spotkań z Historią (the House of Meeting with History) offers a rich programme for Ukrainian guests. Among other things, the Przystań (Haven) was created — an action programme for refugees and migrants, and a space where it is possible to spend time in peace. Since April 2022, a number of social-educational activities are carried out at the DSH, the aim of which is to integrate the refugee community (especially children), who came to Poland after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Workshops concerning art therapy including sensory learning of the Polish language and the art of sand animation were prepared for children aged 6-12. The classes will be carried out by Julia Sanina and Natalia Iszczuk, who come from Kharkiv. Before the war, they carried out many theatrical projects and art workshops for children and adults. Workshops help to break communication barriers and express emotions through art and having fun. Classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 13:30.

To make people happy

Furthermore, children and adults can participate in Polish-Ukrainian painting workshops "By ludzie się radowali" (To make people happy), inspired by the work of a Ukrainian artist Maria Prymaczenko. Participants will get to know the painter who lived and worked in the village of Bolotnia in the Kiev region almost all her life, and her works won over Paris, London, Montreal, and Prague. The classes are intended for people over 6 years of age and take place every summer holiday Thursday at 10:30–12:30.

Literary, painting, and theatre workshops for Polish and Ukrainian children are also held at the DSH, which help develop creativity and sensitivity. The classes are intended for people over 6 years of age and take place every summer holiday Tuesday at 11.00 – 13.00

"Wasza Warszawa" (Your Warsaw) free app

All helpful information for Ukrainian citizens has been added to the free urban app. An interactive map allows finding useful locations and their descriptions in Ukrainian, while photos and information concerning specific locations as well as walking routes will allow to get to know Warsaw better. All materials in the app are constantly updated and verified.

Coffee & Help Desk at DSH at Karowa

At the café it is possible to use a tablet with internet access and request making photocopies or printing documents. Next to it, there is a fun zone for children and a library with books in Polish and Ukrainian. There are constantly organized events for children and adults with the participation of Ukrainian activity organizers and guests, and walks around Warsaw bring the capital closer to our Ukrainian guests in their native language. All events and exhibitions are free.

Songs of Polesia at the Parade Square

A special concert on the Independence Day of Ukraine at the Parade Square. At 21:00, a chamber concert of Song from the Ukrainian Polesia will begin. Maniucha and Ksawery will perform - a duo that in an original way combines jazz improvisation and disappearing songs. In their compositions, they recall spring, harvest, wedding, love, and grandfather songs, as well as carols and lullabies... They tell stories transcending the boundaries of time and musical genres, drawing on Maniucha's many years of travels to visit singers from Ukrainian villages.