Warsaw finances in vitro and free birthing schools

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mother with child

The capital will allocate over PLN 40 million for the next edition of the infertility treatment program using the extracorporeal method. In the years 2023-2025, Warsaw will also provide free classes at the birthing school for over 10,000 pregnant women – the total cost of the program will amount to nearly PLN 16 million.

The city cares about families

In Warsaw, the largest number of children are born in Poland. The capital also has one of the highest fertility rates – close to 1.6. The national average is approx. 1. 3

This is proof that we know how to effectively support families. Parents from Warsaw can use free nurseries – this is the only such offer in the country, a rich pre-school offer, free vaccinations for children and youth, additional health programs, e.g. hearing tests. We also care about future parents – emphasizes Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw Capital City.

Warsaw has been financing in vitro for years

Warsaw was one of the first local governments to offer support to its residents by financing the city's infertility treatment program since 2017.

To date, over 1700 children have been born thanks to the Warsaw in vitro program. I would like to thank the Warsaw councillors for the decision to increase the co-financing of the programme for the coming years. From next year, we will allocate a record amount of PLN 40.2 million for this purpose. In this way, we provide financing for three in vitro trials for each couple – emphasizes mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. 

Civic project "Yes to in vitro"

In the years 2013-2016, the government program of in vitro reimbursement was in force, thanks to which over 22,000 children were born. Currently, Polish families do not have this form of support - meanwhile, up to 3 million people may struggle with infertility. In Warsaw, the problem of infertility is estimated at about 25,000 couples.

Poland is one of only five European Union countries that do not reimburse in vitro. We want to change that. That is why a citizens' bill 'Yes to in vitro' was created, we have been collecting signatures under it for several weeks. It assumes the restoration of blocked reimbursement and PLN 500 million per year to support infertile couples, for whom the only hope for the desired child is in vitro fertilization – adds Rafał Trzaskowski.

Tens of thousands of signatures have already been collected throughout Poland under the project, also available on the website.

For me, the in vitro procedure was the last resort and it is the last step that couples decide to take when trying to have a child. Today I am a mother of a healthy boy who will soon be 2.5 years old – adds Arlena Witt, English teacher and youtuber, who became a mother thanks to the in vitro method.

The municipal program consists of three elements: co-financing in vitro fertilization procedures; co-financing of cryopreservation of women's eggs before cancer treatment and lectures for high school and technical school students. The main conditions for participation in the program are age (up to 40 years of age), the couple who participates in it is married or in a civil partnership, and has undergone previous treatment that ended in failure or has a direct indication for in vitro fertilization.

Birthing schools in Warsaw

The Council of Warsaw Capital City in October this year adopted the "Birthing School" antenatal education program prepared for pregnant residents of the capital.

Every year, approx. 10.5 thousand women from Warsaw may take advantage of the free of charge pre-labor education. For the next, three-year edition, implemented in the years 2023-2025, Warsaw will allocate almost PLN 16 million – says Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.

Birthing schools educate parents about the course of pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium and newborn care. During the classes, i.a. also the principles of proper nutrition are discussed, the importance of contact with the child immediately after birth, lactation, mental and physical issues of the postpartum period. There are also practical classes: learning proper behavior during childbirth, learning how to alleviate labor pain – relaxation techniques and general physical exercises.