Warsaw Economic Hub

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What is the role of Poland in Europe? What is the future of European Union? Does Warsaw have a status of regional financial hub? Is this city already an economic hub also outside Central and Eastern Europe?

World is rapidly changing and the role of Warsaw in economic world continues to grow. Taken into consideration the importance of Poland in European and global economy, annual conference former known as CEE – Warsaw Financial Hub, has changed its name into Warsaw - Economic Hub. The organizers and host of the event are: The Warsaw Voice, the International Herald Tribune and the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The City of Warsaw is a partner of this event.

On Thursday, December 6th at Warsaw Stock Exchange investors and entrepreneurs had an opportunity of familiarizing themselves with the most recent data on the role of Warsaw and Poland in CEE region, Europe and in the world. Speakers and panelists discussed various, mostly financial subjects, among them for example: Polish economy in 2012 compared with other economies in the CEE Region and beyond; crisis scenarios; Poland as a hub for interregional cooperation; Poland as a trendsetter for real estate markets in the CEE Region; Poland as regional BPO leader.

In conference have taken part: Hanna Gronkiewicz – Waltz – Mayor of Warsaw; Gűnter Verheugen – former EU Commissioner for Enlargement; Jan Krzysztof Bielecki – former Polish Prime Minister, now chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Council; Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa (PGNiG) and others.