Warsaw Dialogue on Scaling-Up Local and Subnational Climate Action

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Photo: R. Motyl
Photo: R. Motyl. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz

For the first time in the history of United Nations' climate summits the voice of the cities was heard. Representatives of local authorities were formally a part of dialogue during the High Level Segment with the representatives of the Parties to the Convention.

The voice of the cities during COP19 

COP19 was really important for cities, because so far local governments had no opportunity to participate formally in the process of dialogue on a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The strong representation of cities raised the importance of this dialogue and motivated other stakeholders to engage in substantial debate on the new global agreement.

In Warsaw mayors and other sub-national leaders had an opportunity to meet and discuss important issues related to climate change policy. During Warsaw Dialogue, meeting organized by the City of Warsaw  in close collaboration with the global cities network ICLEI and supported by the UNFCCC Secretariat and held on November 20th, they had a chance to initiate the debate amongst the representatives of cities and also between them and the governments for their voice to be heard and duly taken into account in the multilateral climate process.


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