Warsaw continues to invest in the development of its public transport

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Test drives have started on another section of the M2 metro line. Also, construction commenced of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Vistula. And in two years, Wilanów's residents will be able to get to Warsaw’s centre by tram.

Metro in Bemowo

The opening of the Bemowo metro section is drawing nearer. We hope to see metro trains in operation there by July. The Ulrychów and Bemowo stations are more or less finished, with works at metro exits approaching completion. Tests are also being carried out there. This construction phase has been financed by the EU, said Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski.  

In addition to test drives, finishing works are being carried out at stations. Dividing-wall panels and coffers are already in place in Bemowo and Ulrychów. The platforms on these stations have received their finishing touches. Station entries are also approaching completion with the installation of glass panels and brick linings, and with the addition of passenger information system components in mezzanines.

From Praga to the Vistulan Boulevards

Early this year work began and continues on the Praga bank of the Vistula to prepare land for a construction site and to set up construction site facilities for a new bridge. And the main construction work has just begun. Warsaw's first pedestrian and cycle bridge will join two banks of the river and connect the Boulevards with Praga at Karowa Street on the left bank and Okrzei Street on the right bank. The construction project will take two years to complete.

Budimex – the Polish construction company contracted to construct the structure – has commenced works on the Praga side. The first phase will involve foundation laying for the future bridge. A dedicated website ( has been launched to provide construction updates throughout the process. Also, dedicated information points have recently been set up on both river banks. They are positioned at the exact locations of future bridge entries. The information points provide a clear-cut outline and scope of the project.

Tram to Wilanów

The new 7.5-km-long tram route will start at the junction of Puławska and Goworka Streets. The reconstruction and remodelling works will also include the existing section of the tram route from Rakowiecka Street to Unii Lubelskiej Square. The tram will cover the 22-metre vertical drop towards lower Mokotów via Goworka and Spacerowa Streets. Next, the line will proceed straight forward along Belwederska and Sobieskiego Streets, heading towards Miasteczko Wilanów (at the corner of Rzeczypospolitej Alley and Branickiego Street).

The stops along this new route will be disabled-friendly and provided with electronic information boards with timetables. The constructor (Budimex) will have 22 months to deliver the new tram route.