Warsaw continues funding in vitro and birthing school programs

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A Woman Pregnant

Warsaw’s council members have passed a resolution on further subsidies for the in vitro method infertility treatment program. The city has secured over PLN 40 mil. for another, 3-year period of the program. Nearly 1700 children were born thanks to the in vitro program since 2017.

Passing the program’s new edition will make it possible to continue activities in the field of supporting infertile couples from January 2023 – the program’s current edition concludes in December 2022. During the current edition alone, lasting from February 2020 to August 2022, the program was used by 5088 couples, resulting in over 1012 children born.

Another edition of the municipal program

The Warsaw healthcare policy program, supporting persons suffering from infertility is now 5 years old. It was one of the first initiatives of its type in Poland, launched after the liquidation of the government program in 2016. During the first edition, PLN 17,3 mil. were allocated towards subsidizing in vitro fertilization in Warsaw. This budget was doubled in the second edition – in the years 2020 – 2022, the city supported infertile couples with a total of PLN 33 mil. After today’s resolution by the City Council, in subsequent years this amount will increase by over PLN 7 million, to PLN 40,2 mil.

The current edition of the municipal in vitro fertilization financing program was used by over 5000 couples, resulting in nearly 1700 children born. These are 1700 beautiful stories, 1700 happy families. 1700 little ones who have come into the world thanks to Warsaw’s in vitro program. I am certain that there will be many more such stories to come – said Warsaw’s mayor, Rafał Trzaskowski.

In vitro is a cure

The phenomenon of infertility has been on the rise for several years now, probably also being a natural consequence of changes in the modern world. It is an important issue requiring medical help.

Infertility is a particular type of ailment, as it affects two young people in the period of their highest activity, having a strongly negative impact on the family’s functioning, the couple’s emotional state, its social and professional functioning – Renata Kaznowska, the mayor’s deputy, emphasizes.

According to various sources, the issue of infertility affects 10-12% of the population. In Warsaw, it is estimated to be an issue of about 25 k couples. The municipal program consists of three elements: in vitro fertilization procedure subsidies, subsidies of ovum cryopreservation for women prior to cancer treatment, as well as lectures for high-school and technical school students. The primary conditions for participation in the program are age (up to 40 years of age), the participating couple remaining in a marital union or civil partnership, and has undergone prior treatment which ended unsuccessfully, or has direct indications for in vitro fertilization.



Infertility treatment using in vitro fertilization is not financed by the system of common healthcare insurance, which significantly limits the citizens’ access to such services. It should be noted that these methods very often are the only path to having offspring. Globally, the method of in vitro fertilization is used as the primary and most effective method of infertility treatment – deputy mayor Kaznowska highlights.

More couples will have a chance

For the next, now 3rd edition of the program, Warsaw has secured an amount of PLN 40,2 mil. in its budget (13,4 mil. per year).

In vitro is for many the last chance in trying to expand their family. It is a safe and effective method of infertility treatment. The national authorities have eliminated in vitro subsidies, but the residents can still count on the local government. Our Warsaw-based program, implemented 6 years ago by council members from Platforma Obywatelska (EN- Civic Platform), enjoys great interest, however, its budget is quickly running out. Therefore, a decision was made to not only continue the program, but also increase its budget. During the upcoming three years, this form of support will cover approximately 6700 couples, which is about 1200 more than in the program’s current edition – says Magdalena Rogulska, Warsaw City Council vice-president.

There are no indications that the government’s policy concerning the in vitro program will change direction, and replacing it with a program based on NaProTechnology turned out to be a complete fiasco consuming enormous costs – says councilwoman Gabriela Szustek, vice-chair of the Health Commission. – Due to the very high interest, the upcoming third edition of our municipal program will last until the end of 2025. Today, the Koalicja Obywatelska (EN- Civic Coalition) Club has supported the draft of a socially very important resolution which will once again allow to supersede the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (EN- Law and Justice) government and fulfill the dreams that thousands of Warsaw residents have concerning parenthood – councilwoman Szustek added.

Conditions of participation in the program:

  1. On the program qualification date, the woman should:

be at least 25 and no more than 40 years of age (in the event of in vitro fertilization),

be at least 18 and no more than 40 years of age (in the event of a fertility protection procedure).

  2. The couple remains in a marital union or civil partnership.

  3. The couple has undergone prior lower tier treatment which has concluded unsuccessfully, or has a direct indication for in vitro fertilization.

  4. The couple has lived in the territory of Warsaw for at least two years.

The program will be implemented in the years 2023-2025, for every year Warsaw will allocate PLN 5 250 000.