Warsaw Clubs for Families

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Warsaw Clubs for families are friendly places created jointly by parents bringing up children, based on their own resources and skills. They are most of all meeting places, empowering parents in the social sphere, bolstering their proactive approach, they are spaces for exchange of experience and entertainment, as well as for supporting families in addressing care and education issues.

Clubs for Families, as meeting and integration places for families with children, are an example of a comprehensive proposal of general, psychological & educational, integrative & developmental activities, supporting families with children. They are places where parents with young children living nearby may get together, share experiences and problems related to parenthood and upbringing of children. The clubs demonstrate a model responsible, engaged and reflective parenting, which results in proper upbringing and development of children in a family setting.

The City is currently co-financing 23 places of integration for Warsaw families, managed by non-governmental organisations.

Information related to Warsaw Clubs for Families can be found here.