Warsaw - a place for foreign writers

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Warsaw participates in the “Literary Residencies” project, designed to invite foreign writers and translators to spend a few weeks in the Capital City. The inaugurating meeting will be held on 23 April. 

Creative residences for writers and translators have a long and beautiful tradition in Europe, as well as worldwide. Luther translated the Bible safely sheltered in Wartburg Castle, the French Academy in Rome has been hosting its scholarship holders since the early 18th century, Rilke wrote the “Duine Elegies” as a guest at Duino Castle. Until today, the main idea is still to offer residents a place where they can work for a few weeks or months in concentration and peace, detached from the absorbing activities of everyday life, while also making professional acquaintances - which, considering the solitary occupation of creating literature, is vital.

Joint Residency Programme

Hence, the project of organising the so-called creative residencies in Poland. Warsaw, in cooperation with Gdańsk, Kraków and literary organisations (Literary Union and Association of Literary Translators) organises a joint residency programme. The project is addressed to writers and translators in Poland and around the world. A new website has been set up (, where recruitment and scholarship recipients’ information will be published. The website will be moderated, among others, by the Old Town Cultural Centre in Warsaw.

Warsaw’s Proposal

This year the Old Town Cultural Centre welcomes guests from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia to spend several creative weeks in the centre of Warsaw. Two calls for proposals will be announced, in which at least five residents will be selected for stays lasting 2-6 weeks. Residents will be provided with a flat in the city centre with a convenient place for creative work, a scholarship of PLN 3,600 gross (for a 4-week residency), substantive and logistics support.

Project Details

The opening event will be a meeting on 23 April at 6 pm, which will be broadcast online on the Facebook profile of the Old Town Cultural Centre in Warsaw. The meeting will be attended by foreign writers and translators who will discuss their experiences of literary residencies. The debate will be moderated by Justyna Czechowska and Jacek Dehnel. Simultaneous translation of the event into Polish will be available on YouTube (the link will be made available in advance).