Warsaw 19115 – 2 years of service to citizens

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Warsaw 19115 – 2 years of service to citizens.Fot.R.Motyl
Warsaw 19115 – 2 years of service to citizens.Fot.R.Motyl

The most active citizen of Warsaw made no fewer than 427 requests to the City Contact Centre Warsaw 19115. In two years of its existence, the Centre has received as many as 563,000 inquiries. Tomorrow it will have been two years since Warsaw 19115 started to serve and aid the citizens.

We launched the City Contact Centre Warsaw 19155 to make the citizens’ everyday life easier and the contact with the City Office more friendly. Now, it has become for us an invaluable source of information about the citizens’ needs, helping us to react to the reported problems and make adequate decisions,” says Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the Mayor of Warsaw.

The City Contact Centre Warsaw 19115 was launched on 4 November 2013. Since then, it has received almost 563,000 requests, which means that statistically, one in three Warsaw citizens has contacted the City Hall via the Centre. The majority of them (395,000 or 70%) were inquiries for information, while the rest concerned interventions, suggestions and checking the request’s status.

During the two years of the Centre’s activity, citizens usually decided to contact the City Hall by telephone: 475,000 requests (84%) were made that way. All conversations between consultants and citizens took almost 54,000 hours in total, which amounts to 6 years and 2 months. Last year, the mobile application has become more popular, as the frequency of this method of communication with the City Hall increased by 50% since the first year of the Centre’s activity.

The most common requests addressed to Warsaw 19115 included questions about the city transport routes and about waste. Mokotów citizens request intervention most often, while Wesoła citizens do it least often.
One number, a thousand affairs

The services of Warsaw 19115 are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every day, citizens may contact the team of about 50 consultants in charge of receiving and dispatching inquiries to relevant sections of the Warsaw local government. On average, they receive 1,066 requests for information or intervention daily. The Centre not only provides information on the city transport routes or issuing documents, but also allows citizens to report problems that require the intervention of the municipal services, including the Municipal Police. All requests are registered in the system, and their realization is constantly monitored until they are fully explained. However, the service does not accept reports concerning the situations that endanger someone’s life and health.

Warsaw contact centre communicates with citizens not only by traditional methods, such as the telephone, but also via a mobile application, a website allowing to make inquiries, a chat and an e-mail service, so that everybody can contact the City Hall without living their home.