Volunteering in Warsaw

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Anyone can be a volunteer, irrespective of their age or the amount of time they can devote to such work. Volunteering means developing one’s passions and interests, gaining experience, having impact on the surroundings, getting to know Warsaw and its residents, and satisfaction from providing support.

The City of Warsaw  is implementing a project entitled “Warsaw Volunteers” aimed at the development and promotion of the idea of volunteer work. As part of the project, the City is operating the Municipal Volunteering Portal  - where you can find nearly 100 volunteer work offers across Warsaw.

The volunteer work offers can be sorted by age, location and area of interests. You can find offers of volunteer work for, i.a., education, culture, sports, protection of animal rights, social welfare and health. Each offer involves a different task, and in some of them knowledge of foreign languages is perceived as an additional asset.

Warsaw residents can join volunteer works in non-governmental organisations, museums, culture centres, social welfare centres, children’s homes, animal shelters, sports centres and in many other places.

As part of the “Warsaw Volunteers” Project, numerous free training courses, supervisions, meetings and events are organised, and they addressed both to the organisers of volunteer work and volunteers.