Violence and addiction prevention programs

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The City of Warsaw is running a number of operations related to the development of systems for counteracting domestic violence, diagnosing the needs related to preventing and solving alcohol abuse problems, counteracting drug abuse and HIV/AIDS infections, as well as for promoting the social integration of addicted persons.

The following programmes are currently being developed, implemented and monitored:

  • The Programme for Preventing and Solving Alcohol Abuse Problems
  • The Programme for Counteracting Domestic Violence
  • The Programme for Counteracting Drug Abuse
  • The Programme for Counteracting HIV Infections and Measures for HIV-Positive Persons.

The City also implements tasks related to crisis intervention, free legal advice, specialist advisory services and single motherhood.

It cooperates in the sphere of the aforementioned activities with non-governmental organisations, Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees, the Municipal Committee for Addressing Alcohol Abuse Issues, as well as with public and non-public healthcare centres.