Video Tour of the Old Town

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Couple walking in the Warsaw Old Town. The Old Town Square in the background

What interesting things can be found in the Old Town in Warsaw and what secrets are hidden behind its walls? What is the Cultural Trail of the Warsaw Old Town Cellars? All these stories are shared by local guides in a project implemented by the Warsaw Tourist Office. Anyone who is willing to learn them may do so virtually, without leaving home.

Our video-walker is an opportunity to wander the streets of the Warsaw Old Town along your own chosen path, at your own pace, explained Paweł Moras, Director of the Warsaw Tourist Department. These days, when travelling has become more difficult, our aim is to offer tourists from Poland and abroad at least a substitute for the experience of being ‘here and now’ in Warsaw. We hope this will encourage them to visit the Capital in the future.

The mechanism of the video tour is quite simple. The starting point of the virtual tour is the website. After watching each video, the viewer decides which direction to choose from. The Old Town has been divided into a series of short interlinked episodes in which a guide takes you around more or less famous parts of the Old Town. This is just a small fraction of the stories to be told about the places you pass by.

The video-walker is available via the YouTube platform in five language versions (Polish, English, German, Italian and Spanish) – each with a different guide. The footage will also be published in Chinese on the WeChat platform.