Veturilo city bikes

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Veturilo city bikes
Veturilo city bikes

Spring is coming, so Warsaw’s residents will be able to use Veturilo bicycles again from 1 March. This season will be marked by changes new stations, bicycles and terminals will be provided, along with many other facilities for cyclists.

“I would like to invite all Warsaw residents to test our new biclycles. There will be as many as 4660 bikes available in the sixth season. A hundred new stations will be provided in the Śródmieście area, in Praga and Wola, and in the districts surrounding the city centre. Children's bikes will be provided, and new electric bicycles will be available from June,” says Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

In 2017, cyclists will have the opportunity to use 316 stations, including 6 children’s-bikes rentals in parks, and 10 electric bikes’ rentals in the escarpment area. The latter will be launched on 1 June.

New bicycles have higher and more convenient handlebars, rotary bicycle bells on the handlebars, a front rack, and a wide waterproof saddle. Each bicycle is labelled with a QR code, facilitating its fast rental via a mobile app (without using a terminal).
The terminals are equipped in state-of-the-art colour-display panels with touch screens, contactless payment service and universal bike pumps. Bike users will be provided with an option to rent and return bicycles via a mobile app, and each stand has a LED light indicating whether a given bicycle is functional and available for renting.

During the previous season, bicycles were rented 1 866 423 times, and 70 771 new users joined the rental system. In total, city bikes have been rented 7 919 556 times since the system was launched in August 2012, and 445 495 users have registered on the system.
290 km of bicycle infrastructure have been built and upgraded in Warsaw over the last ten years. The bicycle network is 495 kilometres long, including 386 km of cycle paths, 59 km of pedestrian and cycle routes and 42 km of cycle lanes and contraflow lanes. Nearly two thirds of the roads have asphalt surfaces.

A further 55 km of cycle routes are due to be built in 2017 the construction works for a cycle bridge under the Łazienkowski Bridge will be completed, and paths will be built along  Połczyńska, Wolska and Kasprzaka Streets (from the city boundaries to Ordona St.), along Jagiellońska St., Powsińska St., Jerozolimskie Avenue (from Grzymały-Sokołowskiego St. to Zawiszy Square), along Żwirki i Wigury St., in Pole Mokotowskie  and in Jana Pawła II Avenue.