Veturilo 2023: New parking rules, old prices

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Veturilo information post, behind it a street with a cyclist on it, the Palace of Culture in the background.
Author: ZDM

In a week's time, on Wednesday, March 1st, Veturilo city bikes will return to the capital city's streets. Most importantly: The bikes are brand new! The method of renting and returning is also changing - it will now be much easier.

Stations featuring an aesthetic pole

As part of the agreement, which applies until 2028, 300 Veturilo stations funded by Warsaw will be located in each of the 18 districts. Additional stations and more bicycles along with them, can be financed by district councils and private companies.

Each station are clearly marked. Its start is indicated by an information pole, in addition to which each rack in a row will be marked with a multilingual sticker. The aesthetically pleasing and minimalist posts graphically refer to the symbols of the capital city and the colours of the Veturilo bicycles. It contains information (in Polish and English) relating to the basic principles of the system, the terms and conditions, etc.

The sticker will make it possible to distinguish at a glance the racks associated strictly with the Veturilo bike from the others. It is important, because starting this year the Veturilo stations will have the form of standard bicycle racks in the shape of an "inverted U", i.e. without the electric lock, which has distinguished them so far.

Instead of electric locks, each bike was equipped with a lock on the rear wheel and a GPS receiver. Information on the locations of all stations will also soon be available in the new Veturilo mobile application, on the system's refreshed website and the city's map service.

There are already 3,000 new racks on the streets of Warsaw, each holding two bicycles. Important news: they will be open to the public, and parking of private bicycles will also be allowed at them. And also electric scooters - both private and rental. Read more about scooter parking on the bike city website.

Additional return zones

The new Veturilo also introduces the new concept of a 'return zone'. These are additional to the stations where you will be able to complete your rental. There will be around one and a half thousand such points at the start. Their network was developed on the basis of selected public bicycle parking facilities. They are intended to provide greater flexibility when using the service, while maintaining order.

These are the same racks at which electric scooters can be left that have been available for over a year now. They are also marked with a multilingual sticker containing a symbol of a bicycle and a scooter. Further existing racks are successively being marked in the same way. Stickers are also appearing on some of the new bike parks. Additional parking opportunities for Veturilo users will therefore be increasing continuously.

Zones and stations will be clearly distinguished from each other in the Veturilo mobile app. And above all: the standard post will not be standing in the zones.


Prices remain unchanged

The Veturilo city bike is not so much about tourism and recreation as it is about complementing the city's transport system. It completes the public transport for commuters in the so-called first (or last) kilometre. It increases its attractiveness and makes it more accessible.

Despite financial challenges, Warsaw has not raised public transport fares for years. Veturilo rental prices also remain unchanged.

The fares for renting conventional and electric assisted bicycles will remain unchanged.

Renting traditional bicycles - price list:

  • 1-20 minutes - PLN 0
  • 21-60 minutes - PLN 1.00
  • Second hour - PLN 3.00
  • Third hour - 5.00
  • Fourth and each subsequent hour - 7.00

The price list includes standard city bikes and two-seater bikes.

Renting electric assisted bicycles - price list:

  • 1-20 minutes - PLN 0
  • 21-60 minutes - PLN 6.00
  • Second and each subsequent hour - PLN 14.00

Unlike the previous editions of Veturilo, it will now be possible to leave electric bikes at any station.

New additions: the possibility to leave the bike outside the station (within return zones) for an additional fee and financial bonuses for returning the bike to a station:

  • Rental termination within the return zone - additional fee PLN 15.00
  • Ending rental at the station, if the bike was rented in the return zone - additional + PLN 5.00 credit on your account

Leaving the bike in the city outside the stations and outside the return zones - a fine starting at PLN 20.00 will apply. Rentals that start and end in the station area do not generate any additional costs or bonuses.