Vaccinations next to PKiN 7 days a week

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vaccination point next to Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN)

Starting Wednesday, 18 August, vaccination site next to the Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN) will be operating Monday-Sunday between 8 am and 8 pm. As part of its #Warszawaszczepi vaccination campaign, the City opened 77 COVID-19 vaccination sites.

The site next to PKiN is located next to the metro Centrum exit. Until now, vaccinations there were only given on weekends, but to meet the needs and the demand from our residents, we decided that the site will be open seven days a week, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Warsaw’s residents know how important COVID-19 vaccination is. So far, 5,000 people got vaccinated on weekends at municipal vaccination sites. Vaccination statistics show that in Warsaw more than 1,150,000, or 64.5%, are fully vaccinated. Thank you! Taking the COVID-19 vaccine is not only about being responsible for yourself, but also for your loved ones and all the people living in Warsaw," emphasises Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

The vaccination site next to the Palace of Culture and Science uses single-dose Johnson&Johnson and Pfizer vaccines. There is a referring physician available on site,  so also children at the age of 12 or older can get vaccinated (Pfizer). In addition, at the site, you can test yourself for coronavirus.

The vaccination site available in the very centre of the City is good news for everyone who wants to get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 without any additional formalities, and hasn't gotten down to doing it yet," says Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. We can see that both our residents and people visiting Warsaw are happy to get vaccinated in their free time. Last weekend (13-14 August), the vaccination site at Hoover Square vaccinated 312 people, and that next to PKiN 364 people, adds Deputy President Kaznowska.


Summer holiday vaccination sites in Warsaw

Next weekend, too, you will be able to get vaccinated in the other sites opened by the City of Warsaw:

  • Copernicus Science Centre, Saturday and Sunday, 12.00 - 17.00  Site opened in the main hall (to the left of the entrance to the Centre)
  • Hoover Square (tent at ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 60a), open on weekends, 12.00 - 19.00
  • Warsaw Zoo (near the hippopotamus building), open on Saturday and Sunday, 11.00 - 17.00
  • Moczydło Water Park, open on weekends, 11.00 - 19.00.

Vaccinations in the sites operating on weekends use Pfizer (double-dose vaccine) and Johnson&Johnson (single-dose vaccine) products. Referring physicians are available in all these locations.

In Targówek and Białołęka Districts, the sites are open until 8 pm.

COVID-19 vaccinations are also given in Warsaw's four General Vaccination Sites (WPSPs):

  • outpatient clinic at ul. Chmielna 14 in Śródmieście;
  • in Wawerskie Centrum Kultury at ul. Żegańska 1a


  • in the OSiR Targówek sports hall at ul. Ossowskiego 25
  • in Białołęcki Ośrodek Sportu at ul. Strumykowa 21.

For the convenience of those who would like to get vaccinated against COVID-19, from 2 to 31 August the vaccination sites at ul. Ossowskiego and ul. Strumykowa are open 7.30-20.00 seven days a week.

For more information about vaccination sites, please visit